Williamsburg, Virginia Ghost Picture

Patrick sent us this excellent ghost picture of an apparition captured in front of the Capitol Building in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia:

"While on a ghost tour in Williamsburg, VA my five year old daughter kept saying there was a ghost and asked us to take a picture. After the guide was done and all the people left I gave her the camera and told her to take it (the finger is hers). If you look at the picture in the lower right corner it looks like a man sitting there with cap and period clothing. Also, it looks like a horse's hoof there, as well."

We made a couple adjustments to try and improve the image of the man sitting on the stoop. This is a nice apparition photo.

It is amazing that the little girl was able to see the man sitting there. Young children often can see spirits. People lose this ability as we grow in age and the mind "conditions" us to the physical world, thus becoming more close-minded to the world of spirit that exists around us all.