Trans Allegheny Asylum Ghost Picture

Anmarie visited the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia and was fortunate to capture a great ghost picture while there:

"We were on the Alcoholic Ward at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and were getting alot of activity; walking around, banging even bed springs squeaking (which there are no beds on the floor) so I snapped 3 in a row right when the noises were coming from the room right beside me. The one before this and the one after show none of this."

We circled the black mist that is coming out of the door and flows across the hallway. It also could be flowing down the hallway. (The orbs in the way sort of obscure the mist a bit.) These orbs could be caused by dust, but the mist is not something we would consider to be "normal" but "paranormal."

"I wrote off the "orbs" as well, but if you look at that mist on my computer, it runs the entire length of the hallway, about 8 rooms down toward the "nurses station" where we heard so much noise. Then, the room beside me was where we heard a banging after asking for a sign, that was when I snapped the 3 photos. I was impressed by the black, sharp mist coming out of the door! I have had a hard time explaining that away as well."