Mobile Phone Ghost Picture

Kerry Bage sent us this interesting mobile phone ghost picture of a white anomaly. Is it a ghost?

"I was taking casual photos of my brother and neice on my mobile phone last September 2009 when I came across this weird white figure on the right hand side of the picture! If you look closely at the photo, or zoom in, you can clearly see what looks like the figure of a woman facing towards the sofa. You can also see a sharp woman's face with a pointy nose and distinct features. Never before have I caught such a random unusual and unexplained phenomenon in my own house! To this day we still do not know who or what is in the photo, but it shocked us all when we noticed it. Many people claim it is a trick of the light or dust, but we beg to differ after much close inspection."

Looking at this ghost picture (we lightened it), we first notice that the anomaly comes into frame and then out -- it goes beyond the camera's field of vision. This could indicate that something like a string, bracelet, or camera strap swung into place and reflected the flash; but this photo was taken with a cell phone, so it couldn't be a camera strap, and the phone likely didn't have flash. We also do not see evidence of flash emanating from the mobile phone. The light in the photograph is coming from the window and toward the subject. So, the cloudy, white effect was not caused by flash reflection off of a close-up foreign object in our opinion.

Is it a ghost? Examine the evidence, and you decide...