Ghost of an Indian Girl - Guardian Angel?

When I moved to Calgary in 1969 at the age of 16, I was visited by an apparition of a young Indian girl who told me about her life and death over 100 years ago.

Our apartment was sitting on the site where the native village stood, on top of a hill overlooking the Bow River in Calgary. I could see the scenes she was describing as though I had a screen in front of me. The women preparing food in front of the fire, children playing with dogs and chasing each other. Then I saw an army come over the hill and guns were firing and people running and screaming. The entire village was killed.

The purpose of her visit was to obtain the ceremony for the dead, as in native belief that their spirits would not rest until this ceremony was performed.

I didn't think that anyone would believe me in 1969, but having kept this near and dear to me all these years, I contacted the elders of the Stony Indians and told my story. They believed what I said and told me that a ceremony would be performed for this tribe.

Jan B.
Calgary, Alberta Canada