Shadow Ghost Face Picture

Agnes sent us this shadow ghost picture which slightly reveals the face - very nice...

"My friend and I used to play the Ouija in her house last year for six months. Nothing extraordinary happened, as we never received any answer. We would try to contact the dead for two different reasons: me being very much interested in the paranormal; her to contact her little brother who had very sadly committed suicide in his bedroom seven months ago."

When we look close, this truly looks to be the face of a young boy - not something to fear.  Many people are spooked by ghosts that are dark shadows, but we believe the darkness is just a state of mind the ghostly person is within temporarily.  It does not mean shadow ghosts are bad, though some may exhibit negative behavior...

"Six months after, she started to feel really awkward in her room (where we would play ouija). She put it on her brother loss. She's been starting to feel watched and very much in fear while sleeping. She'd wake up in the middle of the night and feel intense fear and sadness, which she thought was due to the loss of her brother.

One week ago, she invited me over to stay at her house. I too during the evening felt bad and a feeling of being watched. I was in her bathroom washing my teeth and I swear spotted someone peeking at me in the corner of my eye. Very black; very tall just for two seconds. Being familiar with your site, I thought it could be some shadow beings. My friend has never seen nor heard of this.

As the evening went on, we moved to her living room, feeling really uncomfortable in her room. All of a sudden, we started hearing some banging noise in her room. We were very scared.

With her, I decided to go see in her room and took a picture just in case - bear in mind I had previously spotted what I thought was a shadow being which explains why I took my phone camera out. That's what is in the photograph. We freaked out so much, we decided to sleep in the living room. I didn't want to call my mom at that time to pick us up. She now doesn't want to sleep in the room anymore. She's the only one witnessing noises in her home and increasing sadness and the feeling of being watched."