Family Spirits

Yasminia noticed orbs showing up around her mom after some family members passed. Are they her family by her side, sort of "house guests" or "house ghosts?" Yasminia's mother is very spiritual and probably feels the connection with her loved ones:

"My name is Yasminia, and I am wondering if the spots on these photos are orbs. I do not know much about paranormal or ghosts but as I was on this site, I learned a bit about orbs. I found some similar spots in my pictures, and this made me wonder if these are in fact orbs. My Grandmother passed away last year and my mother in law passed 2 1/2 years ago. These pictures are from Thanksgiving of this year at my sister's house. The woman you see is my mom and it was her mother that passed last year, and I noticed that these spots are in most of the pictures my mom is in. I am now wondering if these could be orbs. If you could please evaluate these pictures and confirm what these spots are I would greatly appreciate all your help. These pictures were taken with a digital camera. I do have other pictures with these orbs in them as well."