Bert's Ghost Ectoplasm

Bert Ulster of New York sent us this very nice ectoplasm ghost picture and story of spiritual significance:

"I recently found out about a month ago, about the death of my best friend (who passed on Dec. 15, 2003). Her husband had her laid to rest in her hometown of PA.; and he came up to visit her for their anniversary. He picked me up in N.Y., so I could pay my last respects. We stayed at his mother's the week we were there...around the third night I awoke to see what I know is known as a "shadow person" disappear through the mother's front door. I got up to make sure no one was in the living room - and there was, I started praying to my friend, asking her if that was truly her to give me another sign. Well, the night before I left P.A., I wanted to go up on the incline place and go to the oversee, to view the city. I took two pictures of same view within seconds of each other on my digital camera (mind you - no one was around me; nor was I smoking) I could not visibly see this image on my camera while taking picture. The evening after (while on was on the bus), I became bored and began looking at some of the 300 pics I took, when I came upon pic 147...I couldn't believe I was seeing this on the camera! So, as soon as I got home, I uploaded the pics - and to my surprise, I got her spirit image. This is soo cool...she gave me my sign. I was unsure of my feelings before...but not now."