Mount Washington Hotel Ghosts?

Dianne sent us this eerie ghost picture with possibly two ghostly forms in it. Examine the image for yourself - are these ghosts?

"My name is Dianne , I live in Plymouth, MA and was doing a job at the Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH. I was taking photos of the inside to show people that have never been in there what it looks like. When I was showing them, we noticed some figures in this picture. The photo was taken in the lobby. I drew a square around two figures (well they look like figures of people to me) -- the one at the end of the hall resembles Carolyn Stickney, who has been said to haunt the lobby and dining room (the photo that was hanging on the wall I attached for you to compare). The other figure appears to be a child maybe sitting in the chair. This was taken with a digital camera."