Ghost Walking

Kelly Wallace sent us this amazing ghost picture of a ghost walking at the Wingate Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. At first glance, one might think this is just an lengthened exposure, but the shutter speed was only 1/4 of a second. When examined closely, the female ghost is walking on the inside of the glass doors and not outside of them. She is not a reflection, because her hand is visible in front of the white of the door:

"My best friend works the audit shift there and said he has always heard weird noises and saw a white ghost or something walk across the dining area at 3 am one night. So, we decided to go there...and take pictures. We took about 700 pictures and right in the begining we took this one. To us, it looks like a woman spirit walking sideways with her arm slighty bent."

We enlarged the walking ghost of a lady. In our opinion, she is inside the dining room and too see-through to have been a false apparition caused by the shutter speed that was used.

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