Strange Pictures: Ghosts!

Rhonda of Cincinnati sent us some more interesting pictures:

"This (first photo) is my daughters dog, Drizzit. The photos before and after these two, were fine. You can see the lips and nose and partial face. Isn't this a great photo? This was taken in my house during early afternoon.

These (next set of pictures) were taken during a wonderful and powerful trip that my mother, cousin and myself made. We went to a Native American Camp in Minnesota for a weekend as a tribal gathering and we stopped at a place where a battle had taken place. I got some wonderful spirit pictures here...The first one is of a face that popped right out of the sand...startled all three of us. He is just beautiful and this is probably one of my favorite spirit photos. This (next picture) is from the same place in Minnesota and there are actually a few more of these, but only two can explain it. I have no idea what this thing is, but it was showing itself, for sure. The second photo shows this thing peering right into the camera."

"As for my interest in spirits: reckon with my heritage being Native American, I feel a natural connection to the earth and her surroundings. When I was little, I saw things which most people consider a child's "make believe friend," but they were real. I believe your ancestors are with you all the time, as are guardian angels and a supreme being. People choose what they wish to see and hear: I choose to watch and listen.

I believe spirits form and travel in all shapes, to get your attention. Everyone has seen orbs or a vortex, but not many have seen figures that look like someone. Those are the ones I request when I visit a place and I usually get one. Wishes can come true, when asked with respect. If you believe in this world, you have to believe in the unseen world because that is where we all go when we die. We will live in many worlds, universes that we have no idea of in this life. Why couldn't there be spirits that travel back to our world and visit? I believe that."