Lake Isabella Paranormal Society Ghost Pictures

Kathy Owen of Bodfish, California and founder of Lake Isabella Paranormal Society sent us some more ghost pictures. The first picture is from Silver City Ghost Town and has a bright light anomaly - an orb perhaps? It's not an insect.

1: "See that bright light floating above the roof. And in the third pic is enhanced to show you what I got, what do you think? Is that cool or what!

2-4: "I was laying in bed watching the television show Most Haunted when my two cats started acting weird. They kind of acted like being spooked. I grabbed my camera and aimed it towards the bedroom door. In the first pic, this ecto looking thing appeared in the doorway, and there in an orb in the background. Then I snapped another shot, and it was still here, but no orb this time. Then I took one more shot, and this very interesting. It's on or by my cat Sylvester. It got brighter and more round to the floor. By the fourth shot, it disappeared. Earlier that night, I went to get a refill of my drink, and as I started around the corner to the kitchen, I saw a white misty looking thing also go into the kitchen before me. After I got my drink and returned to the bedroom, I told my husband, we have guests again. It's no wonder my cat wanted outside after these pics were taken."

5: "This was taken at my brother's house - it was taken with my digital camera. My son was just sitting in the living room in the dark, when he just snapped the shot aiming at the hallway. No lights, TV...nothing was on. The street light kinda' shined through the window, so we didn't need to turn on a light to see. But what was more interesting is, my son never used the flash when taking this one, but it was set to Auto Mode. He also said he heard a noise behind him, like the sound of footsteps. He turned around quickly and took the shot...and this is the result. I have never seen such a bright blue orb such as this one, but this one has an aura around it, also. Our mother's ashes are being kept at my brother's house, so I believe this might be out mother. It's nice to know she paid us a visit."

6 & 7: "Here is another pic that I took while at my brother's house. This box contains our mother's ashes. She passed away back in 2001. I brought the box outside while I sat smoking a cigarette. I don't think smoke interfered with this picture at all. Inside the box is cards and letters that were received from family members and friends, so I wanted to share it with my husband. I also wanted to get some pictures of mom and her nice little box for my photo album. When I got home and downloaded the pictures, I couldn't help but notice what appeared on the box! Just above the cherub, on the right side of the box, appears the face of a young woman...looks like my mother. Can you see her? It is right above the head of the cherub."