Pevensey Castle Ghost Pictures

J Gomes from East Sussex sent us this collection of ghost orbs found in his pics taken at this famous castle. Here is the story:

"A short history of the Castle: It is The first Norman castle built in Britain, it was built by William the Conqueror in 1066, it stand in one corner of a Roman fort. The Roman fort, named Anderida, was built in about AD 290.

About the Lady in white: Some say this is Lady Joan Pelham, who took over the defence of the castle when her husband was away in the early 1400s and was supposed to walk the crumbling parapets at dusk. Others say that she is Joan of Navarre, the Queen of Henry IV who lived in the Castle for a while. Certainly a female figure gliding on the top of the walls has been seen by a number of visitors. "In 1976 a group of four boys who had been `larking about' were so scared at seeing the ghostly apparition that, still visibly frightened they dared the wrath of the custodian and reported the matter to him."(sic)

A spectral army has been heard at full battle below the walls. Also a Roman legion has been seen marching outside the southern walls, apparently they only appear from the waist-up as the ground was much lower in roman times than it is today.

These photos where taken in Pevensey Castle, East Sussex, UK. Two pics in the first floor of the North Tower, which has been closed to the public for a long time (but someone forgot the door open that day), and four pics in the dungeon.Pevensey Castle is well know locally as a haunted place. I didn't see the lady in white walking over the walls or the roman legion marching by the ramparts. Maybe next time."