Christine Ghost Picture

Bob Davis from Planet Paranormal Investigations sent us an amazing apparition ghost picture of a female who they believe is named "Christine." Here is the story behind the ghost photograph:

"This was taken at a Los Angeles business we investigated by me. My team is Planet Paranormal Investigations and my name is Robert Davis. We are based out of Irvine, California. This picture was taken in November 2007 and is seen as a spirit reflected in a mirror. I do not believe this to be smudges,
because you can clearly see the smudges have a completely different look to them than the image of the spirit we call Christine. We call her this, because we also have an EVP we recorded at the same time. The EVP responds to my question "What is your name?" "Christine." Also, our team members all wear black short sleeved shirts. She is wearing a white long sleeve blouse."