St. Augustine Ghost Photos

We received more ghost photos from St. Augustine, Florida, but from someone else:

"These two images were taken by a digital camera in the Old City section of St. Augustine, FL 2003' during mid winter. St. Augustine is known as one of the most haunted city's in the world. It is over 430 years old. It has changed hands amongst four countries since the 1600's. It has the USA first church built here, very small. There have been Indian and white man wars fought here; wars amongst the British and Spanish. The city was even French for a time. Also in the 1700's, hundreds died from Yellow fever. The town is very old looking, more like a 1600's British town."

These photos were taken by my sister and her friend while they were visiting for two days in St. Augustine. They both were taken close to midnight.

1st photo: This one was taken just outside the fence of one of two grave yards in St. Augustine. The Grave yards are known to be very haunted. There was no wind and no one else around when my sister and her friend were walking past the grave yard. The fence started waving back and forth. They stopped and observed. Then a ghost tour was approaching with a large group of people. The fence stopped moving. My sister and her friend walk further down along the fence away from the tour group and said aloud "If your there, please do it again." The fence started waving back and forth once more, then when it did, my sister snapped this shot. You can see the outline of a hooded person reaching for the fence with their left arm. The cloak seems to meet at the waste line with a large round gold buckle.

2nd photo: This photo was taken shortly after a short distance from the grave yard. While trying to take a photo of tower like structure in the back ground during the night, which didn't turn out to good by the way, they caught these many images you see here. Many, many ghost. Not cigarette smoke, a candle or methane gas, just the real deal. The ghost on the bottom left is turned sideways seeming to be walking off to the left hand side with the left shoulder facing the cam and you can even see the Stitching in it's hood. In the middle top of the photo taking up a good portion of it, is what appears to be a Hooded Nun flying face down towards the ground. You can see the outline of her eyes, nose and hood. Off to the far right is what appears to be the ghost appearing again from the 1st picture. You can see it's large round gold buckle at the bottom right. There are many other images that stand out well within this particular picture, a lot of bodies and faces moving about.