St. Bernard's Abbey Ghost Priest Picture

We recently received a very cool series of ghost pictures taken within St. Bernard's Abbey (also known as Mount Saint Bernard's Abbey) in Leicestershire, England. The photographs seem to reveal a "ghost priest" possibly manifesting within the church. The photos are actually still images taken from video shot using a full spectrum camera. Chris heard a high-frequency EVP when filming the interior of the chapel and noticed a shimmering light that appeared and disappeared. Looking closely at the photographs, the shape of a human form, head and shoulders, seem to be near the black post on the left side of the photo. Cistercian monks still live at the abbey, and the site is known to be haunted.

The video was filmed through glass in November, 2012; but the ghost priest doesn't appear to be light reflection.

In the first photograph, the head and shoulders of a robed individual (eg. ghost priest) appears to the left in front of the black post. In the second ghost photo, the ghost is not fully manifested, and the white anomaly is in front of the post. So, we can tell that the ghost is not a light reflection but an apparition that moved from one place to another, then full appeared.

"(This) is a still image taken from video shot with a full spectrum camera at a place called Saint Bernard’s Abbey in Leicestershire. I was filming through the glass of the doors within the inner porch of the church. When I watched the video, there’s a strange high pitched EVP like noise; and at the same time, a light that seems to shimmer in and out of existence above a post to the left of the steps in the centre of the photo. I took a number of stills of this film and noticed that one in-particular looks like a face and shoulders. The abbey is still home to an order of Cistercian monks and is reputed to be haunted. I will concede that I was filming through glass; so is this just a reflection? This was filmed November 17th 2012."
- Chris