Skegness Spirit Picture

Sian sent this mysterious picture which is unexplainable as to how it happened. If you have a good , nice thought about the picture, please e-mail Sian with your comment at :

"I am attaching a photograph my sister in law took while on holiday in Skegness three years ago. Unfortunately, Janet passed five months after she took this picture (she died from cancer in February and the picture was taken in September, the previous year). We have studied the picture very carefully. It was not taken behind a window; the family group was next to a wall on the beach; the tide was out, and there wasn't any windows near them to reflect any light onto the camera...

It does look like a double exposure, but after careful questions and answers from my sister in law and the family, it wasn't the case. I am interested to know what your other viewers think on this picture, so will the family. If you blow the picture up you can see a number of faces around and images of buildings at the back right."