Spooky Night Ghost Pictures

Laura Beth recently submitted these nice ghost pictures with ectoplasm in them and a detailed explanation:

"These are three of the pics I took on the night of April 23, 2005. This was an ordinary night other than it being my sons birthday. I am Laura Ramey and the pic of the little boy with the red shirt is my son Cristian. When I took these pics I noticed something strange in the pic. I could see from the viewer on my digital cam that it was really blurry which is strange for a digital because the cam has a setting on it to capture moving photos without blurring. I transferred the images to my PC and my boyfriend who is the one sitting on the couch in this particular pic took the words right out of my mouth before I could tell him what I saw. In the pic we noticed a strange demon looking face to the left. It seemed to be floating in the air and if you look close enough it has its hand on Bo's shoulder. We were extremely spooked out, especially me. Bo always tells me that he has saw ghost and such before and I made fun of him for believing it. But after taking these pics I am starting to wonder. The picture of my two year old son Cristian was taken on the same night. What I find odd about this pic is the almost identical face directly beside his. I realize that it could be my camera but at the same time the circumstances are strange. April 23 is Cristians 2nd birthday and the day this pic was taken. When I was pregnant with Cristian he was a twin and I lost the other one early on at about 7 weeks. The doctor always said that Cristian would have a missing feeling or empty part in his life due to this. I was just thinking if maybe this was a sign of the other twin. If you look closely you can tell that the reflecting image has droopy, sad eyes and he/she is not smiling like Cristian is and the entire pic had a red glow to it. I called my friend Samantha to come to my place and check these two pics out with my boyfriend and I. We decided that we would get my boyfriend to take a snapshot of us 2 in the same area that the other spooky pics were taken. After he took the picture and viewed it on my cam he told us that we was not going to believe it. We viewed the pic and noticed a strange light beaming from my face to Samantha's. I know this could all be camera blurs but it seemed strange to me that these pics turned out this way. I have owned my cam for about 2 years and never seen anything like it. I also had taken about 20 other pics that night and they had nothing strange about them. I had to transfer and save the images onto my PC two times before I could email them to a friend. The first time I saved them they disappeared but my friend says she received them. I had not sent her an email yet, because I was reloading and saving them back onto my PC. I was shocked that she had received them before I mailed them and accused her of trying to play tricks with my head. After she explained to me everything about the pics I realized she wasn't playing. About 5 minutes later she called me back and asked if I would send the pics "again," because the ones she had received in the mail had disappeared. Does this have any meaning or was it just ironic for all these strange things to take place in one night. There is much more that happened that night after the pics were taken but it would take so long to explain and sounds unbelievable."