Strange Pictures of Light

Shawnda from Columbus, Ohio sent us these strange light pics - what caused these? The camera setting or spiritual energy? You decide:

"Hi. I was browsing your site and after seeing one of the other pictures, it almost came clear to me what had happened with my very own pictures... This was taken February 24th, 2005 at my brothers college graduation. We were inside a building and I was just taking pictures with my digital camera, the energy was high in the building due to a high energy speaker. Now, the energy that's flowing seems to possibly be coming out of the lights. When I first saw them, angels came to mind; and after showing them to a friend, she thought it might be my camera . I would love to know we were surely surrounded by much angel love and presence this day. Before the ceremony had started, I had asked God and my angels to be with us for a beautiful ceremony, and to give my brother the strength to walk proudly across the stage...for this was a huge accomplishment for him."