Native American Ghost in Mirror Picture

Kevin sent us this cool picture of a mirror in his house:

"Hello, I'm sending you a picture that I took in my home last November of 2004. I was alone in the home and taking pictures of turned off TV sets and mirrors due to all of the activity we've experienced in the home. I was hoping to capture an orb or two and snapped dozens of pictures with my Nikon Coolpix 3000. After downloading the pictures and looking through them. I noticed a blur or smudge that caught my attention from one picture of a mirror hanging on the wall in my addition. I zoomed in on the image and saw a clear image of a head and shoulders in the mid-section of my body. I then used photo impression to do nothing more than enhance the brightness and contrast to reveal a stunning face of an Indian man. I have done nothing else to the picture and would like your opinion. Notice that the light from the flash actually "bounces" off the top of the figure's head. I have no pictures of Indians and all TVs were off to rule out reflections of any type. Some say there is a second face looking away and you can see a profile of a second face to the right (if your looking at it or to the left of the main Indian's face. The first face takes no effort at all to see).

It was in the mid afternoon and no lights were on in the house that I can recall. It was sunny outside and about 40 degrees. I have captured EVP's and other excellent vibrating and moving Orbs in the home as well. We live in Willowick, Ohio and found that the land was purchased from the Seneca Indians back in the early 1800's. It use to be called Willoughby Township. My wife and children have all seen and heard unexplainable things over the past 6 years and we've only begun investigating with cameras and voice recorders. I have well over 25 unexplained photos that are really good and clearly show something is going on in our home. Thank You."