Shed Ghost Pictures

Mick sent us some ghost photos and explanation. I don't know...I think we've been had! What do you think? All in good fun, right?

"I recently took these photos in my backyard after hearing strange noises coming from my shed. At first i thought it was just possums walking on the logs behind the shed, until one night when me and my friend were having some beers on the back patio. My friend went to have a slash when I heard the noise again, it was a lot quieter this time, so I went to investigate - picking up a shovel, as I walked over.

When I approached the shed the noise got quieter and quieter...almost as if I was walking away from it. Then, my friend came back out and asked what I was doing.I told him about the noise and asked him if he could hear it over there...he said, "No." So, I looked around the back of the shed when I realized the noise was coming from inside the shed.

I undid the latch and opened the shed door, but when I looked in, there was nothing. This went on for a couple of weeks, until I saw a site full of ghost pics. I went out with my digital camera and took some photos to see if anything would show up. Sure enough, when I put them on my computer and studied the photos, I saw an old bearded man in my shed and what looks like a ghostly face on one of the logs. In another photo I took of my friend a few weeks earlier, I saw what looked like a younger man peeking out from behind the shed. In another pic, you can see a ghostly fog on the left hand side of the picture, this was particularly strange, because I don't smoke and was the only person there at the time I took the photo.

PS: Have you seen the ghost in the movie Stuck On You by the Farrely brothers? Watch it with the commentary, and they will point it out."