Marilyn Monroe Ghost Picture

Lux Meow sent us this very thought-provoking snapshot taken at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel capturing possibly the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. It is a reflection off of a door in the background, but still it captures the likeness of the famous star of the silver screen:

"I was staying at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood - this hotel is pretty cool...full of history by the look of it. So my friend and I decided to go around and take some pictures in the mezzanine area near this mirror that had used to be in one of the suites, but was instead moved down to the lobby area because a lady had claimed she saw Marilyn appear in it (which was the former room Marilyn Monroe would stay when she was alive).

So we took pics with my Polaroid and a digital camera around that area, and also up the hall and into a ballroom which was pretty dark. After taking the Polaroid, we went back to the room. The photo we had recently taken of me in the ballroom had been developing weird, like the shape of a person; and not as I was posed. So we thought it wouldn't turn out. Then when it did, to our surprise there were strange lights in the form of a frame just behind me on the door. In the middle was a face whose features resemble that of Marilyn Monroe in ghost form."