Anomalies Ghost Pictures

Reine of Santa Fe, Texas sent us these three pictures. It is hard for us to be sure what caused the first two anomalies, as they look similar to hair when it gets in front of the lens and flash of the camera. We have also seen energy and super-charged, moving orbs create these effects, as well. Either way, it is definitely a cool picture! The last picture has some ectoplasm in it...

"I have been getting strange pictures for three years, but these I got on January 28 2006 are really strange. I have gotten the smoky ones (ectoplasm) a lot -- I wanted to send you this...I shot a lot of pictures that night (most are clear) with my mobile home and trees looking perfect. If you have ever seen any thing like this, could you tell
me what it is? I don't smoke -- it was clear and 61 temp out that wind...I keep my hair sprayed and back."