Ecto & Shadow Ghost Pictures

Jane sent us these awesome ghost pictures. The first one contains black ecto or mist which some ghost investigators call "shadow people." The second and third photos contain some type of ectoplasm which is almost glowing:

"The first one is a photo I took this summer in August. My daughters and I went down to Ocean Grove, NJ for a week of swimming. We love to walk the streets to look at the old Victorian houses. The day I took this it was very clear and hot, no bright sun because the streets are lined with trees and houses upon houses, so it would be hard to get a photo with sun stroke if you know what I mean. Just a block from our rooming house was this house on a corner that had this plaster statue of an angel in the yard. They were asking donations to restore the angel. My middle daughter who is 14 years old swears that when she was younger she saw ghosts in our old home. Whether she did or not I do not know, but in general she seems to be sensitive to ghosts and spirits. She does not talk about them all the time, but on a rare occasion she will claim she sees a ghost or feels a spirit. When we stayed down there she would not walk past this house or near the angel. She said it had an evil spirit near it and she did not want to be around it. I told her as any parent would that that was silly - it was just a plaster angel and I was going to take a picture of it. She was very upset with me and told me not to. I did anyway of course. Needless to say I was quite surprised when I got the photo back and see a black mist going across the center of the photo. At first I was angry because it ruins the photo, but then as time went on I kept saying to myself - what is it and why is it there? No other photos taken that day around the same time have any kind of dark marking like this - is it possible for the sun light to do something like this? I have never seen anything like it before. I do not have a strap on my camera nor do I have black hair or long hair. So it is a mystery to me. What thoughts do you have?

The other two photos were taken this January 2005. They were taken around dinner time, so it was getting dark out but not real dark. We take care of feral cats in the neighborhood - feeding them and giving them water and I set up a wicker house type shelter for them on my porch. The photos are of a particular cat we called Big Daddy who we thought had died because we had not seen him for a year. We had seen him in January 2004 and then not since, then he suddenly appeared one day this past January and he followed me up to the house from my car. I of course fed him. I saw him for about 3-4 days, and since it had been so long I decided to take some photos of him. After I took these two photos I have not seen him since. I was standing in my kitchen and opened the door out, so the camera flash would not reflect on the glass door. I am squatting down so I could get an "eye' level photo of him. He is the father of one of the feral cats we adopted and now that the cat we adopted is older we were surprised at how much he looks like Big Daddy now, so we wanted photos. I can not explain the glowing haze or mist or reflection that appears to be on both photos. Have you ever seen anything like it before? Any ideas what it could be?"