Ghost Shadows

An Account From Observing Ghost Shadows
by Gabriel

I have been experienceing shadow people for a while and have gotten both positive and negative feelings from them. I seem to be followed by ghost shadows. There seems to be a young boy with a mushroom hair cut who has followed me through a few places. He seems to be a protector-type; I feel positive feelings from him.

Twice now, I have looked at a shadow person (the first time, there were two standing in my hallway). When I looked closely at them, I saw the blackness of their form of which I could not see through at all. At the same time, in my mind, I got a very, very clear flash of an image of what they looked like despite the darkness. It was like I knew exactly how the shadow person looked (if unveiled). In my mind, the ghost shadow was as clear as if it was right in front of me; but the shadow person(s) in front of me remained completely pitch black.

When I saw the two ghost shadows, I believe it was the same young boy at the end of the hall, or at least some sort of younger shadow person standing near the top of the stairwell, while the older, male shadow person, who was wearing an older, 40s-style brown business suit and fedora-type hat, was standing just a few feet away from me at the other end of the hall.

As I mentioned, when I see a shadow person, sometimes, I am getting mental flashes of what that shadow person looks like exactly; and this is a bit creepy because I've been able to see the facial expression of the brown coat man (pretty plain, un-telling expression), and I could tell the boy had a smirk on his face. 

Publisher's Note:
Shadow ghosts are also known as shadow people, dark shadows and even hat people when seen wearing a fedora. Ghost shadows have largely been misunderstood to be something that should be feared. The following account sheds light on these ghosts. Just because their appearance is often described as an impenetrable blackness does not mean they are evil, aliens, devils or some other type of unknown entity. After studying accounts of ghost shadows along with investigating cases of haunting where shadow beings are encountered, we are of the opinion that human spirits can appear differently from one to another, even purposely altered to appear menacing, based upon one's demeanor or mental state.