Victorian House Ghost

Ghost story of a young girl who haunted them...
by Douglas and Debora H., Missouri

My husband and I moved to a small town in Missouri in August of 1999. We found an awesome, 150 year old Victorian home to rent for our family. We knew there was something different about the home and were drawn to it instantly.

Shortly after moving in I knew we weren't living there alone. While my family was out I made a deal with whatever was staying with us that, if it would let us live in peace, we would extend the same.

My husband always stayed up late and he would be hit with the overwhelming odor of a room full of roses. He would then look over at the couch and would see an imprint as if someone were sitting on it. After a short time the cushion would rise like someone was raising up from it.

My husband and I decided early on that we would not mention this to our girls, the last thing we wanted was for them to be afraid of their home.

One afternoon my husband was upstairs and was drawn back to our oldest girls room. As he passed he saw what he believed to be our daughter sitting on her bed. It was a school day, so of course he wanted to get to the bottom of why she was home. When he walked in, the girl was no longer there. Being on the second floor, her door was the only way in or out.

When entering the front door, you could go straight ahead and up the stairway or turn to the right and enter a front parlor. We had my sewing machine and our computer set up in that room. One night, while I was sewing and he was on the Internet, we watched as my daughter's book bag (which had been on the floor next to the stairway) rose slowly into the air, hovered for a couple seconds and gently lowered to where it had originally been.

The girls were out with friends, so we were the only two at home. Not wanting to say anything I started sewing again, after a couple of minutes, I turned to my husband who was still staring at the staircase. We knew instantly what the other had seen and verified it with each other.

We had still not said anything to the girls. One night our youngest starting telling us about a young girl who would sit at the end of her bed at night. It broke my heart knowing my daughter was hiding under her covers with fear. She told us that the girl had never hurt her but had told her that she had died in that room. After we talked with her, she was no longer afraid; this entity had never hurt us and seemed to be there to watch over our family.

One of the things that attracted us to the home was that the old original slave house was still out back and the old carriage house was still standing. We loved that house, but unfortunately we could no longer afford the gas and electric bills that came with it. It has become a sandwich shop, and I stopped by to speak to the new owners. They have had experiences with this young girl that we had called Sarah; but as with us, no harm has come to anyone.