Ghosts and Small Children

Ghosts and Small ChildrenAn account of ghosts and small children, specifically the haunting activity that this family has experienced.

from Carrie

We think we might have a spirit that follows us. Maybe more than one.

When my kids were smaller, they would always talk to 'the little girl ghost.' They would blame her for things done around the house like messes, etc.

Once when getting my kids ready for bed, I looked over and saw my oldest in her room playing. I yelled at her telling her to get ready for bed!

Then my daughter said, "Mommy, I am right here and I am ready."

She was behind me - not in her room. I looked again and the girl I had seen was gone. I would not let my small children go into that room for weeks. I even took all their toys out. They assured me that what I saw was just the little girl ghost and that she was nice.

A Family Move and Still Ghosts

Soon after, our family moved right next door and, for a while, there was no mention of the little girl ghost. My children even asked me where she had went. I told them she must still be next door.

As time went by, I had a weird feeling to put out dishes that my great great grandmother used to own; so I put them on my baker's rack for all to see. I shut out the lights and, when I went to leave, I saw an old woman sitting in my kitchen. I ran, yelling, to the other room.

Right after that incident, the little girl ghost was back again. The girls got older and the mention of her faded. Then their father and I split, and weird things started happening again: plugs coming out of the walls all the time, the water faucet would just turn on by itself, etc. One night, just like in the movies, all of our candles blew out at the same time. Then, a picture of a teddy bear appeared on my oldest daughter's wall. It was not crayon or marker. I still don't know what it was, but we painted over it three times; and it always came back through the paint. So we covered it from view by placing a book shelf in front of it.

Ghosts and Another Family Move

We moved again.

My daughter said she could feel something staring at her in the house. When she was alone, pictures would fall off the wall near where she was sitting. Sometimes, the dog would not go into her room. We would throw our dog her ball for her to fetch and, if it went into that bedroom, she would stop and back away. These things scared our daughter, so we gave her our room and we took her's. She still had the same feelings in the different room and started sleeping with the lights on, again. (She used to do that in the older house.)

Eventually, I had another baby. When she was approximately 1-1/2 years old, she would look at things and point.

My oldest would ask her, "Do you see people? Point to them."

Then, she would point to nothing (visible) behind my other daughter.

Ghost Sighting of a Family Member

Then my mother died, my youngest, not even two yet, was very attached to her.

One night, shortly after her death, my daughter woke up crying. So, I went into the kitchen to get her a drink, and I was holding her near the window. I rocked her for a bit, her head on my shoulder. When I went to leave the kitchen, she would cry; then, she said, "Nana is in the snow." I looked and did not say anything.

I asked her, "Do you see Nana?" She said, "Yes, she is in the snow. Nana loves the snow."

I had to rock her for like two hours, holding her near the window so she could see her Nana.

Then, a few months later, we were in my mother's car. When we were at a red light, she told me, "Look mommy, it's Nana!"

I said, "OK. Where is she?"

My young child pointed outside the car window, but no one -- nothing was there.

I asked what Nana was doing, and she said, "Nana is crying. She has a boo-boo in her heart and in her head."

Then again, while driving, my daughter said she saw Nana a second time. This time we were on the highway.

She said, "Look, it's Nana."

I said to her, "What is she doing?"

She said, "Nana is playing and smiling. Her legs don't hurt anymore."

More Ghost Activity After Another Move

Not too long ago, we moved again to a new place. (There is still some haunting activity occuring.)

When we first moved in, all the pictures I had hung up on the walls had fallen down after we left. I hung them all back up.

We recently realized that in every place we lived, my oldest daughter's bedroom door handle would always break. In fact, it is broken now in the new place. She still sleeps with the light on, and said she saw feet shadows under her closet door opening. We have only been here for two months, but we will see if anything else weird happens.