Blue Bell Hill Ghost Sightings

Blue Bell Hill Ghost Sightingsby Neil of Chatham Kent

In September 1997, a relative of mine was traveling along the M2 from work, going towards Chatham in broad daylight. He was concentrating on the busy road when something caught his eye to the left.

In the thick hedge that runs close to the road, he saw a bridesmaid just standing there in the foliage. He was deeply disturbed as he had no interest in the paranormal.

Blue Bell Hill BrideThe Ghost Bride Is Seen Again
Another encounter involved my friend Joe who saw a ghostly girl during a thunderstorm as he pushed his bike up the upper Bell Hill. The girl appeared from the trees, walked towards him and then veered off to disappear back into the thicket. She wore a flowery dress and was drenched.

Had she realised that perhaps a bicycle was not capable of knocking her down? This incident occurred in October 1968 and doesn't fit the usual pattern of phantom hitcher sightings.

Some Back Story to the Blue Bell Hill Ghost
Blue Bell Hill is in the county of Kent, England. The former Roman road (A229) that runs by Blue Bell Hill is reportedly haunted by a ghost girl that either walks or stands along the route. A car crash on A229, according to local legend, is said to have killed her the day before her wedding.

For over 48 years (since the 1960s), people have been reporting to police that a phantom girl was either seen alongside the road or that she jumped in front of their cars. Sometimes, frightened drivers claim the ghost first stared them down as the car goes through her. But, searches for the ghost girl's body, after the encounter, never yields evidence of an automobile-pedestrian collision.

To learn more about this incredibly lengthy haunting, watch theĀ Blue Bell Hill Ghost Video.