Our Friendly Ghost

by Tammy Jackson

I would like to share one of my family's ghost stories (we have many to share).

This particular one happened when my son, Reno, was 2 years old. Reno has always been able to recognize spirits since he was a baby. He seemed to regularly follow something unseen around in our house. On a few occasions, I would hear him babbling to himself. When I would look in on him, he would always be looking upward and holding his arms up in the air as if he wanted to be held. I believed then, and still believe today, it was his grandmother who died just days before he was born. This is not my story, though.

Reno was always getting into trouble, on this day it was no different. My husband and nephew were taking our computer out of our bedroom and setting it up in the front room for us to use. I picked Reno up and put him in his highchair so he wouldn't get into anything. I gave him some dry cereal to keep him busy and out of trouble while they put the computer in the front room.

I was with Reno in the kitchen doing dishes while Reno was eating his cereal when my husband starting yelling at Reno not to go into the bedroom and touch anything. I stepped out of the kitchen and asked him who he was yelling at. He answered, "I was talking to Reno. He ran around the corner and down the hallway." That's when I looked at him with wide eyes and stepped backwards into the doorway of the kitchen and said, "I don't know who you were yelling at, but Reno is sitting in his highchair eating cereal." My husband lost all color and walked into the kitchen to check; and sure enough, there Reno was, eating cereal in his highchair.

My husband asked me when I had placed Reno in the chair. I told him I had placed our soon in the chair as soon as my husband had gone into the bedroom to disconnect the computer and bring out into the front living area. Of course, he thought I was lying. Then, at that moment, my nephew came from around the corner and said he told Reno not to touch anything while he was in the bedroom. As he finished his last word, he had just stepped into the kitchen and went pale white; because there, right in front of him, was Reno still sitting in his highchair. He, too, wanted to know how Reno got past him and into the kitchen.

My husband was flabbergasted, at this point, because he wanted to know who it was that he and my nephew patted on the head and scolded about the computer! It turns out this little ghost apparently grew up with my son; as Reno grew up so did this ghost. There have been many sightings of him by family and friends. The most credited witness has to be a sheriff deputy who thought she yelled at Reno, telling him to go inside the house when all along he had been standing with me and a neighbor (while the sheriff was yelling at our ghost twin).

I and my husband both believe our little ghost friend could possibly be my husband's unborn son who died along with my husband's first wife back in 1984. All said, he is not vicious or mean but loves to make people think he is Reno. So we still have our little friend, but he is no longer little. My son is now 18 years old and so is our ghost. Today, he only comes around when there is trouble with Reno -- I guess to make sure he is OK.