Account of a Large Orb Sighting

A man's account of a large orb that did not emit light given its obvious illumination.

by Dale

Account of a Large Orb SightingWhere: Gwinn, Michigan (Lathrop, MI)
When: January 23th, 2016 - 8:35pm.

(I was on) a snowmobile trip to the upper peninsula, the second time I've been there for this vacation and with usually 6-7 other riders.

I stayed at the cabin that day because I wasn't feeling so well, and I spent the day with the care taker that watches over the property.

The guys I went with arrived after the trip at 8:35pm. I was glad to see them so I threw on bibs and coat and went outside. I was standing on the trailer ramp and was admiring the stars.

I heard the logging train that runs alongside highway 35. I looked out towards the sound of the train and, out of the corner of my left eye, I saw a glowing ball about 3' in diameter. In my mind, it looked like a piece of cloud; it was a little brighter around the edges, kinda' blue-ish in color, too.

The orb was already in motion when I had noticed it. The cloud of light came from between the house and the Pine trees, heading from the south and going North; it was not part of anything that we were doing, but it was like it was on a mission.

What really blew me away was it did not give off any light, you know, like a flash light might emit. For as bright as it was, it did not light up the darkness - very weird! I witnessed it for 3 seconds, or so. When I locked on to it, it made a gradual 90 degree turn and went into the ground at the bottom of a small hill.

I asked Al, the care taker, about it as he has lived up there all his life but had never seen an orb. He told me the Lathrop family has a cemetery across the pond about a 1000 feet from where I saw the orb. its an old cemetery.

I don't know why I had seen it; I guess I was lucky and also a spiritually changed man...a new outlook on life! An incredible experience...the guys I rode with think I'm nuts, but I won't forget this for as long as my mind is sound and I have a different outlook on life.