Ghost Rescue Story

Marlene's story of ghost rescue. Helping ghosts...

I live in a Chicago suburb and went to visit friends in Attica, Indiana who were living in a very old Civil War era home. The house is on a registry of homes on the Underground Railroad with a tunnel that had been filled in with dirt in years past.

Anyway, they told me the house had a ghost that had been seen in the room I was going to be staying in. The ghost was reported to be wearing a Civil War uniform and was apparently a soldier who may have died in battle.

That night while lying in bed, I thought I would try an experiment. I figured no one would hear me, because the room was isolated in the upstairs of the house. So that first night as I lay in bed, I began to talk out loud.

I addressed the spirit as if he were listening and went on to tell the ghost about how the war had long since ended; and that he was earthbound, keeping himself here and that it didn't have to be that way.

I told him to look for the light, because that is where he would want to go. He could move on and not have to replay this life over and over, for a better world awaited him in the light. I think I told him he'd see family there, as well.

Several months after my visit, I was talking to my friends in Attica and they mentioned that the ghost had not been showing up any more. I found that to be an interesting correlation. From that time that I had visited onward, the ghost never showed up again. I guess he was listening and my little talk may have helped him.

It wasn't the first time I had ever been in a place with a spirit, or spirits. I went to college in Southern Illinois and lived in a haunted dorm. Wow, it was a busy place! I think there are many spirits that were hanging around in Carbondale, IL. It seemed to have that kind of energy about it.

I think most spirits are just poor lost souls who are stuck. I am certain that two years ago I was visited by the spirit of my next door neighbor who moved away. He was a nasty, miserable person who developed a hatred for me. He, his wife, and semi-dysfunctional son would not miss an opportunity to express this hatred. Happily, the family moved away, because sadly, Mr. Nasty was dying of cancer. One night about a month after they had gone, I had the strangest feeling of a presence. I felt the sensation of something lifting away, like a mantle of negativity lifted off of me, floating up and away. It was a very strange feeling, but I got to thinking about what this could have been and so I went to the computer and Googled this man's name. Sure enough, his name came up in an obituary. He had died just a couple of days prior!

I also learned that the new neighbors (actually the wife) next door were hearing footsteps in the upstairs of the house, and that the Mrs. heard steps walk into her child's bedroom. She even saw a shadowy figure and was naturally disturbed by this. Her son was not sleeping well since they had moved into the house. One day while her husband was away (this would be against his religious beliefs), I came in and thoroughly smudged the house and said some blessings while she and another friend said prayers in the living room. I asked that all negativity leave the house and that goodness and light fill the home and cleanse it of all negativity that may have been lingering in the home. Immediately that night, the little boy slept soundly for the first time and Mr. Shadow never visited again. I think my ol' Mr. Nasty neighbor had his life-review which removed a mantle of negativity, paid his visits to the home, and moved on to the light. Maybe he needed to take care of some unfinished business. I wish him well in his personal growth.

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