I See Ghosts

Sly's ghost story about seeing and hearing ghosts...

Even though I was just a little girl, I can remember it like it was yesterday.

I was so young that I didn't even know that it was a spirit. I started begging to play with the little girl. She seemed to be calling me to play, also.

My grandmother, who was raising me, became very scared. She grabbed me up and ran out the front door. We didn't go back for hours into that house.

Well, when my dad and grandpa came home, we were still sitting outside. They asked why we were sitting outside, refusing to go back into that house. It wasn't me, who was refusing, it was grandma.

She said, "We have to move."

Grandpa said, "Why? We just moved here."

"Because Shirley can see them," grandma said, meaning ghosts.

Grandpa couldn't say anything, because his sister has the same gift. That same gift has never left me. I'm now 47 years old and can still see ghosts. Let me tell you, after I grew up, I came to understand that ghosts are not just of this world, as I had once thought when a little girl. See I didn't know about ghosts when young. I just thought I was going to play with another child.

Years later, my family sat me down and explained that what I could see, they couldn't. They explained I was a special child. Then, I began to worry. I've been on nerve meds since I was 18. Now, I go and see a psychologist to help cope.

I currently live in a house that is very haunted. I have tried everything, from being stern to being nice. Every appliance in my home is dying. The first to die was the washing machine. I had it fixed. The dryer stopped working. It is fixed now.

Then, the refrigerator shut down and we lost $200 worth of groceries. I had that fixed. The stove also needed work. I used sage to fix it all. I layed it out upon each thing, and when it dried, I burned it.

Now this house is very active, but I have never crossed over a ghost because I was also taught by my grandparents that you do not speak to them. Which I do in order to let them know, that I know, they are here. I don't mind, nor am I scared of them. I just need the things in my home.

I will tell you that growing up with ghosts will make you a very high-strung person. Maybe a little jumpy. I had one sneak up behind me, and I told the ghost, "I don't mind you being here, but please don't sneak up behind me, again." Now, the ghosts just do as they please. Things are getting moved around and lost for weeks at a time. Out of the blue, missing items will be put back in place to where they should be. My home frequently has TVs turning on and off and doors in the house slaming.

At one point, my psychologist told me to lay down, relax, and go to my happy place. When I did this, the ghosts then communicated through me. Another family member of the home, who lives here with me, also received a message through me. I do not retain any memory of the conversion, but he said he knows who the person is. The ghost was his brother speaking through me. The ghost said things, through me, to him. He said that the spirit had to be his brother, because only his brother would have known these things, not even me.

I See Ghosts Ghost Picture

I've never crossed over a ghost, and I probably do have the gift to do so, considering all that I have been through in my life. Ghosts are here. Ghosts were in every house I've ever lived in. By the way, the ghost I saw when I was a little girl, caused us to move two days later after everyone in the house could hear a little girl choking to death. They knew I had seen the little girl they had heard dying.

I've never had to put up with ghosts trying to destroy everything I own. Like I said, I used sage and fixed most everything that broke. Still, kitchen pans are being banged, objects are missing, and there is a lot of anger within some of my family who live in the house with me. They are not used to dealing with the negative energy from the ghosts. It is working on their moods, and they become angry at nothing.

Left: Actual photograph from Sly showing possible spirit presence around her grandchild.