Ghosts: Undiscovered Energy Theory

Ghosts: Undiscovered Energy TheoryAre ghosts and 'the soul' a yet-to-be-discovered form of energy?

It's a Matter of Energy

You've probably heard of Einstein's Theory of Relativity (E=MC2). This famous equation reveals that Energy (E) is equal to mass (M) multiplied by the speed of light (C) squared. When hearing of ideas drawn from this formula by scientists, many seem to be captivated most by suggestions of time travel.

To us, what may be more important is that matter (mass) is energy; energy creates mass, is matter. Did you get that? Energy IS matter and matter is energy.

Furthermore, Einstein's theory regarding the relationship between energy and mass, correlates nicely with the ancient story of how light (electromagnetic energy) and darkness (nothingness) formed the physical universe (matter). This story can be referenced in the beginning of Genesis Chapter 1 of the Bible.


When we understand that all matter is energy, it becomes much easier to comprehend that our world is comprised of energy. Some of the world is visible energy, or matter, and some of our world is invisible energy. If we take this same idea and apply it to life forms, such as human beings, we can see that it is possible for us to have a soul. The soul would be invisible energy connected to our visible energy: the body.

Perhaps, the type of energy that makes up the soul will be discovered, one day, as it currently remains undetectable by scientists. All life forms, plants and animals, must have a core essence of energy. It is this same 'soul energy' that likely comprises ghosts and spirits. The difference being that a ghost, or spirit, would be a non-domiciled energy, meaning the soul exists without having a body (matter) as its home.

Inventor and engineer, Nikola Tesla believed that energy is the key to understanding the mysteries of our world. In our opinion, that would include the afterlife, soul and ghosts:

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration..." - Nikola Tesla

With the amount of mysteries yet to be understood by science, it appears that we still have a lot to discover and understand when it comes to energy.


It might sound incredible to some to think that science might not have all the answers. But consider this: According to author, engineer and scientist, Maurice Cotterell, scientists cannot accurately explain how, on an atomic level, gravity, electricity, magnetic fields, or a magnet sticking to metal works! So, it is not far-fetched to think that there are energies we have yet to ascertain.

If science cannot explain how some things work that we know exist, then it is highly probable that things exist in our world that science has yet to detect or explain such as the human soul and, of course, ghosts.

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