Ghosts: Parallel Worlds Theory

Ghosts: Parallel Worlds TheorySome ghosts may be glimpses into parallel worlds...

I'll never forget the experience I had many years ago. It was the middle of the night when I accidentally knocked over a glass of water from my nightstand.

Reluctantly, I climbed out of bed, grabbed a towel and sopped up the mess. After I walked out of my bedroom, tossing the towel into a hamper, I turned around and faced the room. There were no lights on, but I could see the well-defined shadow form of a man overtop of the window blinds across the room from me.

I paused for a moment and just observed the man - I didn't think it was my shadow, but I had to check. As I walked into the room and toward it, the shadowed form slowly sunk downward and disappeared. Quickly, I moved to the window and looked outside of the blinds to make certain that there wasn't somebody outside my window casting the shape. Nothing. I surveyed my fenced-in yard and found it vacant. Had someone been there, I would have caught them scaling or hurdling the 4' chain link barrier.

Puzzled, I backed up to the doorway to see if the shadow would reappear. Was it my own shadow? Nope. I could not recreate the 'shade' even after turning lights on behind me to attempt to cast a long shadow. The silhouete was dark and distinct - not something I could create from where I stood at a distance.

The thought I was left with at the time, though strange, was that it was me, another me from a different plane of existence. I have no idea why I thought that as such thinking seemed foreign to me at the time.

Parallel Worlds Theory And Entanglement

In October 2014, a new parallel worlds theory was published by three scientists from the United States. Dr Dirk-Andre Deckert from the University of California, Professor Howard Wiseman and Dr Michael Hall from Griffith's Centre for Quantum Dynamics proposed in their paper submitted to Physical Review X that parallel worlds interact with one another, sharing a connection, an influence upon one another through the force of repulsion. These 'worlds' may be very similar to one another or drastically different.

It's interesting to think that parallel worlds might become entangled, at times, through this 'connection' or certain types of interactions. It is well known in physics that entanglement of quantum systems can occur when particles (e.g. photons, electrons, molecules) interact. When one entangled particle is affected in some way, the other is also affected in some fashion at the same time, independent of distance, revealing their invisible link with one another. Could a similar effect occur between parallel universes? I wonder.

Parallel Worlds and Ghosts

The traditional idea is that ghosts are the spirits of deceased people; and that theory may be correct in some cases. We know ghosts exist because people see them. But what they are, and how many different types there are, is yet to be understood (e.g. some ghosts may be hallucinations, mental imprints, time slips, etc.).

What if some ghosts are created by the crossing of universes, a brief entanglement of parallel worlds? Are we, at times, glimpsing ourselves or others who are living and interacting in another realm of existence?

In the 1889 report from the Society of Psychical Research entitled, On Apparitions Occurring Soon After Death, 38 of the cases studied by the SPR were sightings of people who had not died (to be fair, 19 of them did expire within 24 hours after the sighting). The point I'm trying to make is that there are ghost sightings of people who are not dead. The German word 'doppelgänger' means "double-goer" and is the sighting of someone living's double. (In folklore, the doppelgänger is believed to be an omen of impending death or doom; but not always.) Maybe, in some cases, the parallel worlds theory might explain how or why the ghost of someone who is alive, their doppelgänger, is observed.

Many years ago, a friend of mine was said to be making visitations to someone he didn't know. At night, his essence would appear to a female stranger, giving her spiritual guidance and encouragement. After several weeks of this happening, she would eventually meet him by accident at a church service. She was shocked to see him, recognizing him right away. When she introduced herself and shared her story, my friend had no idea who she was or why (or how) he was visiting her. The entire experience, in this case of a doppelgänger, was truly a positive one. Was he slipping out of his body in his sleep to visit her? Was he unwittingly mentally projecting himself to her at night? Was she walking into a mental construct of his by some chance? Or was another version of my friend, say from another realm, making the visit to the stranger? We may never know.

Our Lives Fully Realized

There are some who believe that the 'parallel worlds theory' makes it plausible for every possible choice we could make in life to somehow (or somewhere) be played out in an alternate reality, that the planes of our individual and mutual existences are limitless. This makes me think that each of us could be building an individual 'book of life' with innumerable pages contained within the volume. If true, life is truly more mysterious and complicated than we could ever imagine; and if such a scenario is ever proven to be true, then ghosts are indeed a fact and not fiction.


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