Why Are There Not More Ghosts?

With so many people having lived, why do we not see more ghosts? Do ghosts fade away over time?

Do ghosts fade away over time?Cynics of the supernatural will often ask, "Why are we not seeing more ghosts out there if so many people have lived?" Great question. 2011 estimates suggest that aproximately 107 billion people have lived an earthly existence at one time or another. That is a lot of people. And a projected 9.6 billion people will inhabit our planet by 2050 (roughly 7.2 billion people are alive on earth today) - the numbers are simply staggering.

With such a vast number of humanity, why aren't there more ghost sightings? Why are ghost encounters a rare occasion? Actually, there could be a number of good reasons, and we doubt we can list all of the possibilities. But does the reduced amount of ghosts that are sighted indicate that ghosts may go away over time? (Let's define a 'real ghost' as someone who has died with their spirit being visible, intelligent and interactive to the observer.)

Reasons Why There Are Not More Ghost Sightings

Our following list of theories offer some possible explanations as to why there may not be as many ghosts seen and reported as we might expect:

  • There are actually more sightings of ghosts than people choose to report or even share with their closest friends. 18% of Americans claim to have seen a ghost. But due to religious beliefs, or the stygma attached to making such a claim, many people keep their encounters private.
  • It is possible that only some ghosts make their presence known to the living. Maybe Aunt June prefers to watch over her family incognito.
  • Over time, it is very likely that some ghosts naturally move onward to a higher dimension as they reconnect with loved ones in spirit or as family, friends, and old haunts fade with the passing of time.
  • Perhaps it is difficult for ghosts to manifest to the living with some disembodied spirits able to appear on a limited basis while others are unable to figure out how to make their presence visible.
  • Maybe there are more ghosts than we can see. Could it be that how we see ghosts with our eyes or cameras may really just be 'hit or miss,' especially if ghosts appear in and out of different electromagnetic frequencies (of light)? The range of light humans (or our cameras) are able to see simply adds another variable to having, or not having, an encounter.
  • Science, today, is suggesting that we live in multiple planes of existence. Could it be that ghosts are a 'crossing' or a 'mixing' of these planes that are glimpsed only occasionally (see Ghosts: Parallel Worlds Theory)?
  • In theory, it is possible that the appearance of ghosts might fade away over time if bound by the 2nd law of thermodynamics, the 'Inverse Square Law.' If our soul exists in a higher dimension, then its appearance here on the earth plane would be temporary. And in some phantasm sightings, the ghosts appear to actually fade over time with regard to their strength of colors (e.g. the 'drab' apparition studied in the Society for Psychical Research' Mrs. Ricketts case, April 1893; also see the Sachs Bridge Ghost Picture).

Old Ghosts and Other Types of Ghostly Manifestations

There are still reports of sightings of ghosts from days long gone, such as matriarchs and patriarchs of Britain's haunted buildings and castles, that make us scratch our heads. This might indicate that ghosts can hang around for a good length of time, possibly, But, are these older specters 'real ghosts,' imprinted energy of past events on the environment, or something else? We do not know.

Some ghost appearances are definitely not 'real ghosts' at all. Some ghost sightings are hallucinations of the mind commonly produced during grief or possibly phantoms that we mentally and purposefully create into existence (see Create Ghosts), or something we witness during lucid dreaming (see Hypnagogia/Hypnopompia). Other forms of 'ghosts' may be attributed to other types of experiences, such as phantoms of the living, time slips, crisis apparitions, or energy imprints (see 8 Classifications of Ghosts).

As we explore this mystery further, we believe one day we will know more about what causes ghosts to be seen. Until then, it is highly probable that ghost sightings occur for multiple reasons.