What to Do If You See a Ghost

Quick tips in case you have an unexpected ghost encounter...

You just saw a ghost in your home. You're pretty certain it was real. You are a rational person, but this ghost sighting defied normal explanation. And, you probably just searched the Internet asking questions like:

  • "Am I crazy or am I haunted by ghosts?"
  • "Are ghosts real?"
  • "Are there other explanations for seeing ghosts?"
  • "How do I get rid of a ghost?"

And that brought you to this page.

What You Should Do If You Saw a Ghost


Remain calm. It is common to be afraid of ghosts but what you do with fear is important. Learn to gain control of your fear by not reacting to it.


Be rational and analyze. First, think through the experience, seeing if you can find an alternate, normal explanation.


Classify it. Try and understand what classification of ghost you may have seen. 8 Classifications of Ghosts might ease your mind right away.


Look for signs of an active ghost haunting. Check our list of Signs Your House Is Haunted.


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