What Does a Ghost Look Like?

Did you just see a ghost? If so, what did it look like?

Ghosts manifest physically but in various forms. It is not understood why the forms vary, but perhaps, it is due to the condition of the entity's soul. It is quite plausible that the more injured the soul, the lower the frequency. If true, this may be why ghosts appear in different forms. We would love to test and prove this theory more. From our observations, ghosts that are caught deeper in fear seem to appear to us as shadowed shapes. If ghosts are more enlightened (at peace), we suspect they may actually be elevated and closer to transitioning to the next plane of light. Higher ghost forms might include balls of light, apparitions, white mists, etc.

In our study of ghosts, we feel that entities may manifest as the following short list of anomalies. They may be seen with the naked eye or eye of the camera in any of these forms...

Orb Ghost?Orbs - These balls of light can float or move at rapid speed. Some believe these to be the first or most basic manifestation of a ghost…perhaps the soul of a person. (We wonder if orbs could be spirits with an elevated understanding and not ghosts. Also, some orbs havebeen proven to be plasma balls of energy released from the natural environment. Status: unknown for sure.)

Ghost Mists, Vapors, EctoplasmMists, Vapors or "Ectoplasm" - This ghost form may appear as an amorphous shape, similar to smoke or fog, or in human or animal shape and is believed to be the manifestation of spirit.  If gray or black in color (and, of course, not cigarette smoke, steam, etc.), such a mist could be an indication of a ghost's presence. Ghost mists, including shadow ghosts (a very dark, black mist), have been witnessed transforming into apparitions, the details of face, body and clothing coming into view.

Shadow Ghosts ManifestationShadow People - Known as "dark shadows," "moving shadows," "shadow ghosts," or "black ectoplasm," this type of ghost mist may be seen in amorphous, human or animal forms. These ghosts are often seen darting about quickly into the shadows from the corners of one's eyes. It is possible that the darkness represents a condition of the soul, something that is not yet understood, such as immaturity, lack of understanding or knowledge, self-condemnation (e.g. guilt, worry, doubt, hatred, vengeance). Or, perhaps, our own fears are hidden within us as a blackness that can be seen when the soul is disembodied. Could it be that the light, or good, within each person can be covered over by the folly created while in the earth realm? Shadow ghosts, like lighter mists, have been seen morphing into apparitions by witnesses. Shadow ghosts are typically seen in darker, low-light environments, most likely due to their covert behavior.

Apparition Ghost ManifestationApparitions - An apparition is the non-vaporous appearance of a disembodied person’s spirit and is a rare sighting. Apparitions may be seen "full-body" or just in part. Typically, apparitions are described as being “see-through.” Some ghost investigators do not believe apparitions to be true and that such sightings are the product of Hollywood movies and an over-reactive imagination. However, we feel that the human experience has also driven the film industry's take on ghosts, so we politely disagree with such a stance.

A Note About Ghost Appearances
Some people feel that ghosts may appear more at night because they cannot make their presence known as easily when around a lot of people. It is surmised that the energy it takes for appearances in the earthly plane may be depleted when a ghost is around a crowd of persons. Other ghost investigators suggest that ghosts must hang around people in order to use our energy to be able to "appear" or communicate. So, there are two contrasting ghost theories circulating on this topic. Know that ghosts are often detected as a subtle energy, but spirit energy can vary in intensity. What makes some ghost appearances stronger and noticeable than others remains a mystery. Perhaps it is the will of the ghost that is the determining factor.

We have found that ghosts may appear during either day or night, and that the night could provide a time when less people are active (making them more receptive to ghost and spirit interaction). Darkness may also provide more of a hide-and-seek environment that some ghosts deem "safer," allowing them a place to hide more easily if frightened.

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