Best Ways to Prove Ghosts Are Real

What are the best ways to prove that ghosts exist? Here is our list of 5 ways to prove ghosts, namely apparitions, are real.

Science has yet to confirm that ghosts are real, so how can we "prove" to friends and family that sightings of ghosts, especially apparitions, are real? Science seems to be attempting to disprove ghosts and haunting so it is not likely that scientific proof of ghosts will be coming anytime soon.

But there are definitely a large number of ghost sightings that would indicate that something beyond our understanding is, in fact, occurring contrary to what closed minds might like to believe. (Otherwise, a rather large portion of the human population, it would seem, have mental abberrations: 18% of Americans, almost 1/5th, claim to have seen a ghost.*) Yet, from these testimonies by witnesses comes the absolute best confirmation that some apparitions of people are, indeed, real.

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How to Prove That Ghosts Exist

The idea that we can gain proof of spirits by examining eye-witness testimony is definitely not something new, but it is still very much worthy of our consideration, today.

Way back in 1889, two men collaborated on a report (On Apparitions Occurring Soon After Death) that was given to the Society for Psychical Research in London, England. One purpose for the study was to counter arguments made by skeptics, then, that all sightings of ghosts were merely the hallucinations of the observers. But once you examine some of the accounts of haunting in more detail, it becomes very apparent that there are scenarios that disprove the scientific idea that all ghosts are merely figments of our imagination.

Ghost Sightings That Cannot Be Disproved

The following are 5 different types of eye-witness accounts that prove that ghosts are real. And there are many recorded cases of all 5 of these apparition sighting scenarios that truly confirm that the spirits of the deceased do exist: 

  1. The same apparition is seen by more than one witness. This holds especially true if descriptions of the ghost mirror one another, and even more so if the sighting occurred at the exact same time.
  2. If the apparition relays information to the witness, whether seen or heard, that was impossible for the observer to have known in advance of the sighting.
  3. If the witness of an unknown ghost (a complete stranger to the witness at the time of the sighting) is able to provide a description to someone, after the sighting, that concretely identifies the phantom as a person who once lived.
  4. Ghosts that are seen after their passing where it can be proven that the witness had no knowledge of their recent death.
  5. Ghosts that are seen prior to their death where it was impossible for the witness of the ghost to have known that the person was about to die.

Because we are taking some liberty by asserting that if an apparition sighting is not a hallucination then it must be a ghost, we feel it also necessary to suggest some other possibilities. Here are two other possible explanations for ghost sightings that are still, well, paranormal (and we're sure there are more):

  • There have been documented eye-witness accounts of spirits being seen while the embodied person was undergoing crises elsewhere. It is interesting that the spirit of the person(s) was also suffering (like the person's body) and the witnesses had no idea of the living person's circumstance until much later. In these cases that we are describing, we should note that the people whose ghosts had been seen did not die during their traumatic episodes. This begs the questions: Is it possible for our spirit to be in multiple places at one time? Or could the person's spirit have temporarily left their body during the crisis? We do not know.
  • There also remains the distinct possibility that some apparitions that appear to people, through dreams, visions and the like, possibly make their appearance known through some form of thought transferrence. In other words, if all of humanity is connected by some greater force of life, might it be possible for us to unwittingly share our thoughts, imagery and experiences? Perhaps.

* 18% of Americans have seen a ghost and 29% believe they have been in touch with the dead according to the Pew Research Center October 2013 study.

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