Protection From Ghosts

What does protection from ghosts mean? Do I need to protect myself from ghosts?

If you are around an environment that you believe is inhabited by a negative ghost, and if you are vulnerable to fear of ghosts, then you need to take precautions. But before you freak yourself out further, first approach any potential haunting with a calm, rational mind and make sure that what you are labeling as ghost behavior is not something else. There are, of course, normal explanations for many seemingly weird things that are not paranormal (e.g. noises can be caused by many things, such as a settling house, temperature changes, unwanted rodents in the walls or attic, etc.). So, be sure and read How To Tell If You Have A Ghost. Once you are certain that you have a ghost that is haunting you or your home, then read, How To Get Rid Of Ghosts.

Don't Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable: Mental Attacks from Ghosts
Negative ghosts will attach to those who are fearful, because fear is darkness. Ghosts, being in darkness, can sense this and thus know who they can over-power. If a ghost wishes to do harm to a person, they can do so only to those who are “spiritually drained” or “dry.” In other words, fear becomes the doorway to allow an entity to be able to bring an attack. Fear is the energy necessary to weaken an opponent. For those who are spiritually aware, protection from ghosts is not an issue for they do not fear them.

A ghost attack may be manifested many ways within a weakened person, such as being distraught, disoriented, ill; having feelings of negativity, thoughts of depression, thoughts of suicide or even ghost possession. Not all of these symptoms are indicative of negative ghosts being present but have been noted as signs of negative ghostlyProtection from Ghosts presence from those who are vulnerable.

Sexually perverse ghosts, known as incubus or succubus, have also been experienced by some victims. Attacks from this type of ghost will occur at night while in bed, in most cases, and a form of sleep paralysis might also be experienced during the aggression.

Physical Attacks by Ghosts
Not all ghost attacks are on the psyche, per se, as we have known ghost investigators who believe they were attacked while not afraid. For example, a very "in-tune with spirit" psychic medium was in the midst of an investigation when she encountered a mentally disturbed ghost who warned her not to come into "his area" of an abandoned prison. She knew this but chose not to heed his warning and proceeded into his cell block. She believes, to this day, that she was pushed, tripping and hitting her head. Although she was physically pushed, the tripping caused her to fall and get hurt. So, if you perceive a warning, it may be best to heed it, especially if you are trepsing through a location not your own.

Among some of the more interesting attacks, beyond manipulation of the physical environment, such as thrown objects, are the reports of receiving scratches from ghosts. If the attack occurs while awake, a burning is often experienced and the scratch marks will appear afterward. It is also possible to wake up from sleep with such marks, never knowing the attack had occurred. If this is happening in your home, you definitely should not continue to live with such ghost behavior.

Meditation: Protection from GhostsHow to Protect From Ghosts – Negative Entities
The best way to not be vulnerable to ghost attacks is to be aware of who you are spiritually. In other words, being in touch with the inner spirit (who you really are) is the best way to be empowered - meditation is the path to finding what is already within you. There are many ways to meditate, but what we mean is to quiet your mind and tune-in to the deep part of yourself: your soul. Once you become accustom to tuning in, you will know direction and also be able to discern what and who you are dealing with, as far as ghosts and spirits are concerned. Meditation brings realization of one’s spirit, especially as detachment from the physical realm occurs. Spirit is love, life, truth and peace – fear has no place. Spirit is light - this is the source of your power. Knowing that nothing can harm you (unless you believe it can - through fear) is very powerful. Being aware of your “oneness” with God and all that exists is the truth of who you are. This truth is light and power, and light shines into darkness, dispelling it.

Some techniques of people to help overcome fear of ghosts and to become empowered include:

  • Calming yourself down by speaking while breathing in, “I am…” (and then, breathe out, saying) “relaxed.” Imagine yourself fearless, all-powerful in spirit and tell the ghost, “No. Leave now.”
  • Envision a holy figure standing with you. Absorb their energy and strength.
  • Imagine you are a light bulb and visualize the light filling you from your toes to your head and broadcasting into the room around you. This is your shield of light that vanquishes all darkness.
  • Prayer offered to your religious figure, guide, angel, etc. asking for assistance, light and protection also reportedly works for some people.

Final thoughts on Ghost Protection and Seeking Help
When we lose control of our minds and bodies due to sickness, sexual addictions, over-use of alcohol or drugs, we may open ourselves up to negative entities. If we are led outwardly by the physical world with no regard for our spirit and our internal connection to all that is, then we walk through life spiritually “dead.” Signs of this “deadness” include a life marked by anger, jealousy, greed, revenge, hatred, perverseness, pleasure, gain, etc. One can either choose to be filled with light (positiveness: truth, peace, joy, and love) or darkness (negativity: fear, condemnation, guilt, worry, hatred, anger, greed, etc). The choice is always an individual one to make.

If you are suffering a ghost attack, or even possession, we recommend seeking out a very gifted psychic-medium or light worker who has experience in spirit Buy a Book to Get Rid of Ghosts!communication, helping ghosts, and if need be, vanquishing troublesome entities. Be sure to ask for references before requesting their help to free you from the attacks. Even though you may be desperate, it is not recommended to have a ghost investigation group pay a visit (as most are not experienced enough with this type of work though some ghost hunters may talk a good game).

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