What to Do With a Ghost? How to Deal With a Ghost

Have a ghost? Is your home haunted? Learn what you can do to deal with a ghost.

If one has a ghost, then the obvious question is, “What do I do with the ghost?” Maybe a better question should be, “How can I help a ghost?” Let's start with some basic understanding which must be gained first.

What to do with a GhostMost ghosts are lost and looking for simple direction. We must learn to overcome our fears of the weird or unknown before we can make headway when dealing with ghosts and haunting. Once you have slayed your demons about ghosts (gotten over your fears), you can work to determine what to do next.

Recognition or Help? What do Ghosts Want?
It seems that there are two types of ghost "needs" that one may encounter. If a ghost wants to communicate or make contact with the living, usually, he or she either wants to be recognized or helped. In either case, making contact with the ghost, verbally, is where one needs to begin to make progress with ending the haunting.

Finding common ground and comfort in the fact that a ghost is only a disembodied human being, seek to speak with the ghost. Talk out loud and to the person. Follow your instincts and try to understand if there is any left-over, unresolved business that may help the ghost move on if dealt with. Ask the poor soul, openly, how you may help. Do not be afraid to tell the ghost that you know he or she is there, that you recognize this, and that they should understand that their physical body has died; yet, they are still fine - okay. Let them know this in a nice manner. Tell the ghost that there is nothing to fear and that they should move toward and into the light, where happiness, friends and loved ones await. Sometimes, this is all that is needed for a haunting to end.

Often times, a ghost doesn’t understand that they have passed on. We had found that a simple conversation will free the troubled soul, and bring peace to the situation. Ghosts will often take simple instruction, such as, “Stop banging the pans at night. Let me know how I can help. ” Many times the ghost just wants someone to know that they are there, so as to not go crazy; but if a ghost is troublesome, remember you must assume and remain in control. If a ghost will not head to the light, then demand the troubled spirit leave. This is your place, and you don’t have to accept visitors. But, we do recommend before doing this, you patiently work to resolve matters compassionately, if possible. Challenging strong-willed entities can stir up unwanted trouble.

What to do with a ghost?Buy a Book to Get Rid of Ghosts!Notice That Ghost?
Some ghosts are simply looking to be noticed until someone hears their story. If so, lend an ear and help a soul. Other ghosts are in dire need to deliver a message to a loved one. Deliver the message and solve the haunting. It is not uncommon for relatives of the deceased to receive a phone call from the other side of the grave, with a parting, “I love you.” The voice is typically immediately recognized by the loved one, and the message is usually short but clear. When phone records are checked, in most cases there is simply no record of the call at all. These are known as phantom phone calls. Ghosts, though disembodied, are not without means. An intelligent ghost will get your attention if need be, whether through sounds, sight, smell or even touch.

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