Our Theories on Ghosts

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People Are Spirits

All people are spirits, even those of us who are living in our fleshy bodies, and we interact as spirits within one Spirit. There is a scientific name for this invisible, spirit energy to some ghost theorists: neutrinos (or even dark matter). Spirit seems to encompass all that exists, appearing to be the life-energizing force that animates and supports everything. Everything there is, then, must exist within this undiscovered ghost energy, whether physically visible or invisible. From that perspective, the spirits of people would still exist after the passing of the physical body because the energy animates the flesh.

The question is really, "What happens to the person's spirit, who they really are, after death?" Where will we find ourselves after stepping out of the flesh? As we already mentioned, our studies seem to indicate that many who go through the dying process do in fact experience loved ones in spirit who visit them while on their deathbed. Upon death, the person does not cease to exist but usually will continue interaction with these loved ones who help accompany them through the 'tunnel of light' experience, something so prominent in most near death experiences.

Spirits Into the Light

Typically, after heading into the light, the person will eventually experience a life-review; and their entire lifetime will pass before their eyes in what seems to be an instant. Our theory is that this life-review is a process used to clean the soul, sort of a reflection and granting of a higher perspective upon the past physical life that was lived. The baggage of past failures and traumas are reconciled, healing the troubled soul - the person. It is a healthy, emotional experience needed to remove fears and mis-thinkings created by living in this often difficult, but only temporal, earthly world. This world is a place of learning, and the Universe is a place of growth.

Death Releases the Spirit

Unfortunately, some people, during the dying process, do not wish to go to the light (and the process of cleansing or 'judgment' as some might call it; you are your own judge, by the way) but elect to remain effectively attached or at least attracted to the physical realm for a variety of reasons.

The reasons for staying with the living are many, but ultimately fear is why a person does not transition from this world to the next to continue on their life journey in peaceful fashion. Fear of eternal punishment, fear of condemnation from loved ones who are awaiting them in spirit, fear of loved ones left behind needing them, fear of possessions left behind not being taken care of, revenge, emotional turmoil are just some of the many possible reasons why people choose to strongly attach themselves to the earthly environment. Call it 'unfinished business' as it has been termed. The earth realm is what these 'ghosts' can identify with at this time in their life out of body. These "earthbound spirits" are truly what ghosts are: temporarily lost, hurting people who are in need of help; for their mind has caused them to remain chained to the past in a state of fear and loneliness. The earth realm is hell, especially if it is chosen as the next destination.

Ghostly Fear Rules

Fear that ghosts have within them may be only slightly subtle, or it may be magnified into severe panic. Having not experienced the light and life-review, these ghosts are darkened, in a sense, by the thoughts that hold them captive. Their thinking has left them in hell, if you will, having effectively ensnared the mind into believing a white lie; for the past is illusion and only the present exists. This is the fearful carousel that ghosts have chosen to ride as their way of existence, unwittingly so. And for these lost people, finding a way to get off and move beyond the past life may seem hopelessly impossible. The earth realm seems logical to some ghosts; especially a wise choice for the person who wants to just hide in the shadows and hopefully not be seen or heard. For other ghosts, their fear cast them in this darkness; a lack of understanding in what went wrong. Perhaps, an untimely death set the path in motion.

We have found that some form of fear can be exhibited by all ghosts in some manner, with some fearful exhibitions being more recognizable than others: guilt, condemnation, hate, pride, prejudice, anger, doubt, worry and the like. Fear, to us, best defines the difference between a ghost and spirit. A spirit is free, full of love, help and care, and especially, peace. A ghost is a spirit; but in stark contrast, a spirit that is full of fear, a darkness...an emptiness. A void of something miss in their lives exists. We truly need to understand the spirit world.

Ghosts Often Suffer

Our theory regarding ghosts centers around the previously described condition the earthbound spirits find themselves in. For these reasons, we believe many a haunting occurs as ghosts are often suffering and in need of assistance in easing the emotional pain. We believe that we are finding most ghostly activity, such as noises, dreams, visible appearances, various disturbance, communications, touching, and even attacks (though rare), can all be explained by coming to understand the desperate minds of pained, disembodied spirits. They are simply people in need of what many psychic mediums and ghost investigators have coined, "spirit rescue."

In conclusion, other theories regarding ghosts do exist, such as ghosts being simply the creation of an overactive mind, hallucinations, carbon monoxide poisoning, exposure to low frequencies, etc; but we are seeing too many pieces of the puzzle come together that cannot be explained away in total by the various, skeptical theories. At Angels & Ghosts we have decided to transcend beyond the age-old question, "Do ghosts exist?" by coming to understand that ghosts do indeed exist. Knowing this, now we work toward understanding why they exist and how we may help them, and in turn, we just may be helping ourselves.

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