Ghost Story: It Was In My Dreams

by T. Hawes
It was a usual cold winter's night; I'd say it was in December. I had a weird dream that my Auntie was going to have a baby.  The next day my mum told me that my auntie was pregnant! I didn't tell anybody my dream, because I knew they would say I was making it up.
A few weeks later, I had a dream that my great grandmother, who had died before I was born, was in my living room looking over a baby and laughing. A man was standing behind her. I couldn't get back to sleep and I noticed it was seven o clock in the morning. I decided to stay awake as it wasn't too early. When my mum got up, I told her about the dream. Of course she didn't really take any notice, because it was like any normal child's imagination.
Eleven months passed and the baby was born.
I had another dream that really, really scared me. It was an old man, who was in my other dream, telling me that the baby was weird and didn't deserve to live. Straight away, I woke up and would not go back to sleep. The next day I decided to tell my mum the horrible dream.  She said, "Don't be so silly. Of course, the baby is normal and nothing will happen to it."  But after two months of having the same dream, the baby was in a car accident and died. Luckily everyone else lived, although there were a few injuries.  
Now every time I have a horrible dream, I tell my family so we are aware for anything. Everybody pays attention to what I say. I'm not sure if it was a one off (one time event), or if I can see dead people in my dreams.