My Puzzling Ghost Dream

REM Stage: My eyes opened and I found myself in a room. No furniture; no windows; but there stood both my Uncle "J" and friend "T." T was holding a solid gold gun in his hand enveloped in jewels; rubies, diamonds, sapphires etc. I remember seeing a thin, long, chain-link, which was attached to this gun. With T still smiling and holding the gun outward, I automatically grabbed it from his hand, faced it upward toward the ceiling and pulled the trigger. BAM! Out came a bullet. My uncle had already left the room and I remember being furious with T for just having this gun.

Suddenly, I found myself standing on the cement pavement watching an older male yelling at a younger male. I walked up, placed my hand on the shoulder of this young man and tried to calm the older male down. The older male sat on a bench wearing blue shorts and with no shirt on. His head was bald and round and his face was scrunched-up.

I then found myself on the asphalt. Musicians were walking toward the stage and there was a huge wedding cake sitting to the left of me. My co-worker and her girlfriend appeared and we began to dance and laugh. I then began to slice the cake and out fell home entertainment equipment, clothes, jewels, etc. I couldn’t understand how all of this could fit into this cake.

When I awoke I telephoned a very close friend of mine ("S") and began to explain this dream. Her response was,

”I saw the same man in my dream. He was standing on your balcony and wanted me to get out of your house.”

Another woman friend ("D"), who would often visit me, showed up the next day and shared that in her dream the night before, she had engaged in a physical fight with a man whom she didn’t know. He told her to leave me alone and that I belonged to him. When she began to describe him, I knew that it was the same man.

I didn’t know of any family member who had recently passed that would fit that description; but I did however know of a co-worker who may have. Ironically, today the two women and I aren’t close or even considered friendly to one another. You see, within a week’s time much had unfolded that tore our friendships apart. I then decided to walk away from the relationship with both women. This made me wonder if when the man passed away, did he remain earthbound just to protect me? Or, were our simultaneous dreams pure coincidence?

The man in my dreams is gone now and has left this earth's plane. Perhaps what he couldn’t do in the physical world he can now do in the angelic?