Ghost Dream Story

by Ku'ulei of Honolulu, Hawaii

As a child I would have the typical monster dreams, flying dreams, being chased by someone - yet can’t seem to move dreams and the infamous trying to scream and no one was able to hear me type of dreams. But as time went on, being exposed to more books, television shows, movies and listening to Hawaiian folklore, my dreams became more intense and extremely symbolic.

You see, my dreams were as if the people in them were real and alive (flesh and blood); yet, most of them were total strangers. But peculiarly, they knew who I was. It seemed as if they (the people in my dreams) were trying to relay a message of some kind. I was always left puzzled, awakening with a huge question mark hanging over my head. Such dreams didn’t make sense to me, until I realized what I saw and what I was told in the dream (the message from the person in the dream) would unfold either the next day or within a week's time.