Haunted House Moved: Will the Ghosts Move With It?

Built in 1865, a Jasper County, Iowa home, known as Maple Grove Hill, was moved from its original haunted location in February, 2013. The house is legendary to locals, a place where people have reported seeing apparitions, objects being moved, having the sensation of being touched or grabbed by someone invisible and many more incidences of haunting. So much so, reports of the old, haunted house made its way to a local news station and was featured in a local television report in 1994.

Regina Long, an original owner of the house, is believed to be the ghost who has been spotted inside the old structure. Does she still reside there? In the past, she has been seen by witnesses in a window of the house, holding back curtains - her apparition has also been seen "feetless" in some sightings. But will she move with her beloved home after it is moved, 20 years after the night reporters spent a night in the haunted house with paranormal investigators?

Who would want a haunted residence and why move it? The lady who purchased it got it for only $2000 and desires to restore the house to its original glory but apparently wanted it located in a different area about 4 miles away due to conditions with the ground it had sat upon. It cost her nearly $90,000 and about 5 hours to relocate it. Apparently, she has no fear of ghosts and remains undaunted by 100 years worth of reported haunting.

What we do know: reports of ghosts remaining at one location are quite common. However, there are plenty of spooky accounts where ghosts have left their former haunt and followed people to other locations, even their homes. So, it is very possible to bring ghosts home with you, ghost hunters. Sometimes, ghosts may opt to remain at their new location or elect to leave it behind for a new residence. Because the reasons for haunting vary from ghost to ghost (it's a personal choice), it is impossible to predict if a ghost will eventually move on, stay where they are at, currently, or exhibit transient behavior and travel from location to location.

So, with this haunted house, whether or not any ghosts will remain with the old house will totally be up to the spirits who reside within it. Some may have stayed with it during transit, while others may have fled after being disturbed by what they saw happen.

This story will make the perfect case for study if its new owner, Sherri Meeker, is open to having it investigated or if she will at least bring forth incidents of haunting should she have any experiences. We also wonder if renovations to the building after it is sat back down on its new foundation will cause paranormal activity to surface.

Stay tuned...