Haunted Places

Thoughts on haunted places...are they nearer than we might like to think?

"When my family and I first moved into this haunted place, which was about seven years ago, we had no intention of finding or experiencing spirits. But, when my two little brothers went into the bathroom on the day that we moved into our new place, they both saw an old-looking female ghost in the bathtub. When I was seven, I didn't understand anything about spirits; but now that I'm older, I'm learning, feeling, and speaking to spirits."

- an actual account of haunting from Krystal and how that experience has impacted her life

Haunted Places: Prospect PlaceWhat Makes a Place Haunted?
Ghostly voices and disembodied footsteps are indicative of spirits walking the halls of some haunted places. Many sites of haunting have, somehow, recorded scenes of peoples' lives turned sour years prior. Although past events may not need to have been hugely dramatic or negative in order to cause an environmental imprint of psychic or ghostly energy, many cases of haunting are indeed known to stem from tragedy. One might say that haunted places stand witness to times and testimonies, sparking our imagination and trying our fears.

Image: Prospect Place - a famously haunted mansion in Muskingum County, Ohio

An Example of Haunting: How?
One haunted place we could cite (sorry - we cannot mention the name) was built in the 1850s but became notorious for having "bad vibes" due to a violent murder that had occurred there around the turnĀ of the century. Being afraid, no one would dwell in the building for decades.

Eventually, over time, the haunted site was sold for a pittance to some unwary bidder who did not believe in ghosts or the oddity that is haunting. It eventually became anĀ apartment building lived in by multiple tenants. To this day, reports of certain flats being haunted still surface from time to time. Renters have no idea why paranormal activity persists, as the history of the building is not well publicized. Haunted places, like this, exist everywhere; and they may be much nearer than we like to think.