Should You Talk About Your Haunted House?

Why you should talk about your haunted house or ghost sighting...

A hundred plus years ago, especially in Europe, when someone bumped into a ghost or suffered a haunted home it was culturally unacceptable to speak about it. Such tales of haunting and the ghosts encountered were left undocumented in most cases. Many times, it took several libations before such weird stories could ever surface.

Today, it is become much more the norm to ghost hunt and seek out supernatural experiences. Our cultures have shifted. And it is for the better when it comes to ghosts and haunting.

Should you talk about your haunted house?Should You Talk About Your Haunted House or Ghost Sighting?

Yes. Yes, you should. It's healing for the witness and especially those who are freaked out by the liveliness of a stirring ghost. We also think that being open and talking about haunting might benefit other people who have had a similar brush with unknown. And we have not even mentioned the ghost, yet.

Ghosts Need the Chat, Too.

Talking openly to the ghost is essentially acknowledging that he or she has not gone unnoticed and will demonstrate that the human spirit is still of value - important. To pretend the haunting does not exist by ignoring the antics of a desperate, ghostly soul is asking for the haunt's commotion to intensify. The human spirit does not want to be ignored, especially when desperate for communication.

When We Discover Our Home Is Haunted

If you think you may be living in a haunted house, the best, initial advice we can provide is to be patient. It will take some time to wrap your mind around it. Then, it will be time to craft a plan of what to do next.

For now, the following is what we typically feel after we see a ghost for the first time or when we begin to think that our home could be haunted.

Denying the Haunting

It is common to simply deny that anything is awry. After all, this is your house, and you are not a believer in magic or superstition. You've always considered yourself to be a reasonable person, smart and skeptical when you need to be. Your home can't be haunted. Why that's the stuff of a B movie! Guess what? Your world is about to be turned upside down. You are in denial!

Questioning the Haunting

Am I crazy or is my home haunted? Did I see a ghost or did my mind create it? Am I sane? Don't be alarmed. Questioning abnormal things is a good trait. But buster, this haunting business can cause a person to doubt their own sanity when first alleged.

Get Help With Haunting

Rationalizing the Haunting

Reasoning. It is good to begin to see if you can find a rational explanation for what you and, perhaps, others are having happen to them. Try and find lucid answers to the puzzling questions that you may have. It's great to be skeptical but don't explain things away for the sake of personal fears of the unknown. At the same time, rule out experiences that could be manufactured by those involved. What you should be left with, if your house is haunted, are some inexplicable, paranormal happenings.

Accepting the Haunting

After thinking things through and ruling out evidence that can be reasonably explained as something else other than ghost activity, it is time to accept the haunting for what it is - assuming you still believe your home has a ghost.

Sounds crazy but embracing your newly found haunt will allow you to deal with it and move beyond any fears. Now it's time to learn about the ghost and why the spirit has made your home a temporary ghostly residence. (Download for Free, FIRST STEPS WITH HAUNTING.) 


You may be afraid to share with others that you are having challenges with what you believe to be a ghost. And we understand why - it's plausible that you may have some friends, or family, that will be cynical and unaccepting of your 'story.' So be smart about it. 

You need to talk about your paranormal experience(s). Speak only with those who will listen but who will also be open to hearing about your paranormal ordeal. It may seem risky, but good friends are listeners. Noone likes to be labeled 'nuts' or 'crazy.' But as people, we do tend to label everything around us. And when we do not understand something, or have not had a supernatural experience, we periodically become astigmatic when it comes to haunting and ghosts.

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