Ghosts & Haunting Types

Learn about three types of haunting by ghosts and spirits...

When classifying ghosts and haunting, we find conflicting views within the paranormal research community. The following is an essential breakdown of three types of haunting or 'spirit visitation' one may run across - but we certainly could add more to this list (e.g. see 8 Classifications of Ghosts).

While in Gettysburg, years ago, we heard a dissertation on haunting by a seasoned ghost researcher. Some of what you are about to read is from his personal experience while studying ghosts and spirits. We found this to be an easy way to identify the most common of ghost and spirit incidents and worthy of initial consideration.

Types of Ghosts & HauntingCommon Haunting Encounters

The following are the three most common types of haunting - 'ghost-like' paranormal encounters one might stumble upon:

  • Free Spirits (clean spirits who visit, angels)
  • Residual Haunting ("echo" ghosts)
  • Intelligent Haunting (earthbound ghosts, unclean spirits)

Even though most ghost hunters are aware of at least two of these three, let us go into greater detail about each one.

A More Detailed Explanation of Ghosts and Haunting

A residual haunting is an energy imprint upon the natural environment, much like a film of a past event that, somehow, is recorded and set to replay over and over to viewers. It is considered to be 'inactive' and past. This energy is often seen or heard as people, animals or things from previous events that are stuck in time, being unintelligent and non-interactive with those who witness it.

Some examples of residual haunting may be men on horseback riding through an area, the appearance of buildings, or something like cannons that no longer exist being heard in the distance. When this 'movie' plays, it always remains the same and is like “a tear in the curtain of time” (as the researcher put it). This type of ghost is also known as an 'echo ghost.'

Get Help With Ghosts & Haunting!An intelligent haunting, on the other hand, is when a disembodied spirit (an 'active' ghost) is held captive to this physical plane for some reason. The ghost has not yet crossed over to the light to find peace. Real ghosts, such as these, are somehow attached to the past, maybe due to fear of punishment, perhaps through addictions, unfinished business, trauma of some sort or maybe confusion – unaware that their body has died.

Intelligent haunting is by true ghosts (aka earthbound spirits, unclean spirits) - disembodied, lost people who are trying to get our attention for assistance. At anytime, they may choose to head to the light; however, ghosts often need a friend to point them in the right direction (learn more about this: Spirit Rescue).

For ghosts to leave this plane behind is to forge ahead to the light and the afterlife, forgetting about their past and the fears associated with it. Through this cleansing process, they find peace and healing.

We Are Not Alone: Spirits

The last haunting one may encounter are with 'free spirits.' Encounters with enlightened spirits are really not a ghostly haunting at all but a visitation from wise, elevated spirits who have already crossed over to the light. Many may confuse such a visitation as being from a ghost but, oftentimes, spirits are simply our loved ones who have come to pay a visit for one reason or another.

Our researcher suggested that free spirits visit us for the following reasons:

  • To help us with our grief after they have passed. By letting us know they are alright, the spirit and the grieving can move on with their lives.
  • During times of crisis. Loved ones watch over us and, at times, assist us during trials in our lives. For this reason, they are often called “angels.”
  • During times of celebration. Spirits enjoy weddings, birthdays and holidays just as much as we do. They are times for our extended family to come together.
  • When a loved one is getting ready to pass. Free spirits will often come to comfort the person who is about to die in order to help them transition from the Earth plane unto the light. (Also see, Angel of Death.)

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