General Lee House Snowstorm Haunting

Snowstorm HauntingIn this excerpt from the book, "Prominent American Ghosts" by Susy Smith, a haunting produces a supernatural snowstorm inside of the former house of General Robert E. Lee. It's the first time we have heard of such a phenomenon, though, cold spots are typically reported during the presence of a ghost...but snow?

"A very curious phenomenon - whether caused by ghosts, poltergeists, optical illusions, or what, no one knows -- occurred one Sunday noon when some neighbors, a retired admiral and is wife, were invited over for a visit. Drinks were served, but nobody had had more than one. As the lady guest was sitting there talking, suddenly she was in the midst of a snowstorm. She looked as if she were inside one of those little glass balls that you shake to produce a snowstorm. The rest of the group just stared at her, for the approximately two minutes it lasted, and she went on talking as if she hadn't noticed."

"It's a cute scene, really. The gracious host and hostess sitting quietly, but inwardly all a-twitter, never daring to mention what they see for fear that their guest may have brought with her some strange anomaly. The guest, on her part, enduring the curious experience in silence, rather than calling attention to something that may have gone wrong in her hosts' home. However, enough is enough, even of good manners. When, about five minutes later, the big white flakes again began dropping from the air above the admiral's wife, she said pleasantly, 'Henry, what do you suppose this is all around me?'

Once it came out into the open -- or rather, into the conversational pool -- everyone gabbled at once, suggesting this and that, trying to comprehend what actually was happening. They could plainly see the snow coming down, from about a foot above the woman's head all the way to the floor. They were those big, fat flakes that occur when snow first starts to fall on a cold winter's day. But in a house?"

"'Perhaps it's some strange kind of dust in the air,' suggested Mrs. Koch.

'No,' said the guest firmly, 'because I am all wet.' And she was all wet.

The men checked the windows to see if anything from outside might be blowing in, but no windows were open; anyway, it was not raining or snowing or blowing or anything outside. Next, they climbed on chairs and examined the ceiling, in case there might be some sort of leak up there. But there wasn't.

It was about this time that the visitors put down their Bloody Marys and took their departure. Who, after all, wants to sit around and be snowed on? But then, and here's the best evidence that this was a supernormal manifestation, as the lady started to go out the front door, the same thing happened again. It snowed, not quite so heavily, but just as definitely. So after all, it was not something leaking from the living room ceiling."

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