Spirit Rescue of Children

Is there such a thing as the spirit rescue of children that remain as earthbound spirits? How do you help a child ghost?

Children as Ghosts?
In my previous article about helping earthbound spirits, I shared my thoughts and experiences concerning Spirit Rescue and how I and my colleagues work to not only reach, but free the minds of the lost.

Many do not understand that hell is a state of mind; it is not a place as religion would teach us, but simply emotional trauma - being lost and hurting. Bad religion would have us believe children instantly are ushered into "heaven" after they die, and never remain behind, for they say to die is to be "present with the Lord."

If we believe that to be true, then there are no ghosts, for ghosts would be an utter impossibility. Yet, the sheer number of paranormal experiences we have received from around the world would indicate differently. My own spiritual experiences also indicate that ghosts and spirits do exist, and communicate with us. Are we listening? For many, that answer would be no.

That said, we must now look at children in spirit. Is it possible for a child to die and not progress unto the light - what many deem as being heaven?  The evidence is overwhelming that ghosts of children do exist.  If so, they also need our help, but we first must understand how a child could possibly remain behind and become bound here on the Earth realm.

Most adult ghosts, the spirits of lost people, remain behind due to all sorts of emotional trauma.  With a child, what holds the spirit here is often the same.  Perhaps some children do not know their body has expired; or maybe they do know they died, but now cannot find their parents (or other loved ones), so they are left searching.  Just because a person is a ghost, does not make that spirit a bad person; it just means that spirit is temporarily lost and in need of assistance.

Child Ghosts: The Spirit Rescue of Children
For the purpose of understanding the spirit rescue of children, let's first lay the basic understanding that ghosts are simply disembodied human spirits; humans who have elected to remain here with those of us in-bodies, having failed or refused to head to the light upon death of their physical bodies. When I say “light,” I am describing the tunnel of light experience described within most near death experiences. Ghosts are spirits that have remained earthbound; some spirits willingly, while other spirits unwittingly. Ghosts of children are lost, hurting, disincarnate little people, who need help transitioning from this realm to the next.

Spirits on the other side who come from the light are benevolant spirits...call them messengers (angels), spirit guides, loved ones if you like. These spirits are not lost and work to guide not only those of us here on Earth, but also communicate with the lost, earthbound spirits to help free them. We have found that the spirits of children will often be watched by spirits of the light and at times be brought to us for spirit rescue when we are working to help other lost souls. Somehow, the spirit guides know we can assist and make sure they bring willing ghosts for us to help transition unto the light.

Child Spirit Rescue: How to Rescue Spirits of Children

As mentioned in the spirit rescue article, the most effective way to help a ghost is not to demand one to go to the light, but to reason with them concerning why they have chosen to remain here, while educating them as to where they should be. The ghosts of children are no different, but we need to step down our approach to their level of reasoning. I found that at first I was trying to help them as I would an adult ghost, but then was informed wisely by someone else that my method was a bit much for a child who just wants to find their mommy.

Most children who are lost are easy to reason with. Typically, child ghosts want to find their mommy or daddy, so I like to first acknowledge that we know the child ghost is there and that we want to help him or her. So, our next question is to usually ask for a name. When we feel we have communication going back and forth with the child spirit, it is a natural thing to ask if they are looking for a specific someone. Most ghost children are desperate to find someone they know, and will quite easily go with loved ones unto the light.

It is good to explain that the light is where the lost child needs to go to be with their loved ones. Try and describe the light as a wonderfu place that some call heaven – a happy place that is fun and enjoyed with family and friends. Some describe it as a place of playgrounds and puppy dogs. Use whatever works to convince the child she or he needs to be there and not here - which is their past.

Should the child ghost not be willing to go unto the light, then you will need to identify what fear is shackling the child here to their past. Spirits with you, and already with the child, will also be trying to help, so I at times will let the ghost know this and make sure they are not afraid of the spirits with us at the time. Be not afraid to ask for the help from these benevolant spirits. Be willing to listen for the leading of helpful spirits, as they may be crucial in making you aware of what they see, and what you cannot. Let ghosts know that their loved ones are already with them, and to reach out and take their hand. This sometimes works well, too. With all lost spirits, try and step into their shoes, seeking to understand the reason behind the ghost remaining here, helping the lost person to resolve former issues. You are the bridge between both worlds; a benevolant spirit guide yourself!

We have found that often loved ones in spirit try to reach the ghosts that are trapped here, but may be unsuccessful at times. The ghost you are trying to help may or may not be aware of their loved ones' presence. Helping the ghost to concentrate on family or friends who they long to see, helps to create expectation and the ability to transition to the light more easily. It further seems to help remove fear of moving further into the light.

The Spirit Rescue of Cara
I would like to end this article with a short story about a little, girl ghost who surprisingly showed up during an investigation of a haunted home. The renters of the house told us their experiences of seeing and hearing an older woman who once lived in the residence. She died in the living room, and her son rented the home to them knowing she was still hanging around in the two-story structure. Suffice to say, when the husband and wife who live there now began hearing from her father that he had an old woman living in his closet who he enjoyed talking to, they sought to find answers.

As the talented team I work with gathered evidence, two of us worked with a ghost box to try and make contact with the older lady. We had several instances of communication with her (and spirit guides trying to assist us), but what was more amazing was a little girl that the medium sensed was brought there, too. Our medium felt this little girl had no connection with the home, but was simply brought there so we could help her. The spirits knew what we would be doing and that this little spirit could get the help she needed.

As the ghost box session continued, I asked, "Did someone say 'Help me?" I heard a reply back through the box live that sounded like a child saying "Help me." I then proceeded to ask the little girl's name, and again heard the same little voice say, "Cara." I eventually asked Cara, "Are you looking for someone?" and received the reply, "Help me to find them." Eventually, we worked to not only help Cara, but the older lady cross over to the light that night.

Below are three of the recordings from Cara. The first one is easily recognizable as a response, but some of the clarity of the "Help me" is lost due to editing of the audio file. The second file is an excellent response of the girl's name, "Cara," while the third file is very syncopated and difficult to hear. You have to train your mind to pick up the frequency shift pattern to hear, "Help me to find them." It's there, but difficult to make out. (We recommend headphones.)

Play EVP RecordingHelp Me - Q: Did someone say "help me?" A: Help me (child's voice) [Then I repeat it live, "Oh, Help me?"]

Play EVP RecordingCara - Q: What's your name (little girl)? A: Cara [Medium Laura then asks, "Did you hear that? Cara."]

Play EVP RecordingHelp Me To Find Them - Q: Are you looking for somebody (little girl)? A: Help me to find them.