e-Bay Haunted Items

A page of noteworthy haunted items that were once up for sale on eBay...

eBay Haunted ItemsStrange, haunted items are often sold on eBay, and we have provided some interesting examples of what crops up on the auction site.

Check out the auction listings, and make up your own mind, whether or not, these items on eBay are haunted or just for profit.

eBay Listing of Haunted ItemsOne can find pendants, totems, amulets, photographs, dolls, spirit boxes, books, paintings, toys and more that are purportedly haunted within eBay's listings. The challenge, however, is that some of these items only look spooky or have tales made up about them in order to make a quick buck.

Yet, some of the haunted items listed on eBay for sale do have compelling back stories. So, one would be wise to research before buying - know what you are getting before bidding!

An Example of an eBay Haunted Item Description
Haunted Items for Sale"I would like to begin by stating, I am not an expert in haunted items of this kind and cannot be held responsible for what may or may not happen to the new owner of the item - and cannot guarantee the same or if any experiences. I will only state what I know in the item's description.

We just discovered this doll today under the seat of our car. I was shocked and had a really bad feeling, at first, because I'm sure it came from a box of dolls given to my mom over the weekend at an estate sale. Ever since my mom brought these dolls home with her, for some reason, odd things have been happening which makes me very uncomfortable. We have no idea who these items belonged to, and my mom cannot remember where this estate sale was to ask questions.

I brought this particular doll into my house and set it on my sofa. Our cat just sat on the floor and couldn't take her eyes off the doll. I would call her name and she wouldn't respond. This is when I began to get this odd feeling that the doll may be haunted. I physically had to pick my cat up and take her away from the doll because she was scaring me. I then told my husband, and he just laughed and said I was overreacting.

As soon as I put her down (maybe 5 minutes later), she went right back to the doll and just stared at the haunted item; then I noticed her attention was drawn toward the kitchen ceiling. This really freaked me out, because I thought maybe she had seen a small bug or something - but there was nothing there for her to be acting this way. I then called my husband into the room and said to him, 'See what I mean?' He then said, 'Hey, that's weird.'

Our cat has been hissing lately and meowing in a pretty disturbing manner since these items entered our home. I don't know if maybe it's just me, and I'm making a big deal out of nothing; but I've heard of so many stories from others in the past that I'm just not sure. Still, our cat continues to stare at this doll, and I just don't appreciate it very much. I have decided to pack her away with the others, until she finds a new home. Again, please know I have no knowledge in haunted items of this kind, and cannot guarantee the same or any experiences to the new owner of the item."